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Greetings all!!!

I apologize for not being active the past few months but I've had some problems with my site that demanded my full attention.

It turns out that my last host was a bit of an a**hole, though unfortunately I didn't realize this until I went to change hosts. I was naive enough to let him register my domain upon signing up and he refused to release the domain to my new host upon my request. This led me to create a redesigned website with a new domain name... drum roll please....

I know several of my members came from this site before so I just wanted to let everyone know that things were back up and running! I hope to see ya all there

Hopefully the site will require a little less maintenance now that it's up and running and I'll be able to check back here from time to time to see how everyone is doing!

I was wondering what in the Hell happened to you, Mose. How're they hangin'?

So I guess all the posts from the old site weren't archived or transferable? That's a shame. Oh, well. Que-Sera-Sera, Baby.
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Unfortunately yes, everything was lost. On the bright side, the new host is 10x more reliable and the new messageboard I installed is a bit more user friendly :-)

Oh well... hopefully this will be the last time I'll have to start from scratch... took forever to design the new layout and transfer all the pages!