Best Films of the 1990s?


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Where do you find such great pictures Lance?
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Originally Posted by Strummer521
Where do you find such great pictures Lance?
Right click on the image in his post, choose <copy image location>, then paste it in your address bar...
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Originally Posted by Sedai
Right click on the image in his post, choose <copy image location>, then paste it in your address bar...
Alternatively - type the name of the movie you're after (with the name of an actor if you want to be more specific) into google images.
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Pulp Fiction is probably my favorite from the 90s.

My top ten films of the 1990s, all in my top 25 of all-time currently (I love the 90s, what can I say):
1. Pulp Fiction
2. Fight Club
3. Goodfellas
4. The Shawshank Redemption
5. American Beauty
6. Magnolia
7. The Big Lebowski
8. Fargo
9. The Usual Suspects
10. Schindler's List
Probably tied with the 1970s as my favorite decade for film, probably because I was weened on 90s American cinema.
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Shawshank Redemption
The Boondock Saints

Forrest Gump
IT- One scary movie that actually gave me nightmares
Boyz In The Hood- To me one of cuba gooding jr's best films
Men In Black
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Lion King
8 Seconds
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Groundhog Day

Originally Posted by Steve
Here are my Picks (not in order):

Leaving Las Vegas
Santa Sangre
A Borrowed Life
The Thin Red Line
Pulp Fiction
Malcolm X
Bad Lieutenant
The Shawshank Redemption
Raise the Red Lantern
The Trilogy: Blue, White, Red
The Sweet Hereafter
Boogie Nights
Fight Club
American Beauty
Breaking the Waves

and, my pick for the greatest, most entertaining, wonderful, masterful film of the 1990s...


What are your picks? I know i left out a lot, but i didn't want to list all of the great films of last decade b/c i would be here all day.
fight club and pulp fiction is probably one of the best

The Usual Suspects by far.... The Matrix came towards the end of the decade I count the series more towards 2000's as the story ends then.

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1. Trainspotting
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Goodfellas
4. Heat (Not sure if anyone will agree with that)
5. Casino
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Fave movies of the 90's....

1. The Matrix
2. American Beauty
3. Fight Club
4. Cruel Intentions
5. Thelma and Louise
6. Strange Days
7. Sense and Sensibility
8. Schindler's List
9. The Crying Game
10. Interview with the Vampire

Probably missed out something better, but hey....

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Dark City
Leon The Professional
Fight Club
Pulp Fiction
Edward Scissorhands
The Green Mile
Usual Suspects
The Fisher King
Fire in the Sky

Silence of the Lambs
Schindler's List
Pulp Fiction
L. A. Confidential
Sixth Sense
Jurassic Park
Thelma and Louise
Terminator 2
There's Something About Mary

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1. Goodfellas
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Heat
4. Trainspotting
5. Casino
6. Swingers
7. American History x
8. The Sixth Sense
9. The Shawshank Redemption
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Life Stinks - Directed by Mel Brooks (1991)

Living In Oblivion - Directed by Tom Dicillo (1995) (Its a film about filmaking. and one of the first & funniest movies ive seen steve buscemi in)

Once Upon A Crime - Directed by Eugene Levy (1992)

The Stoned Age - Directed by James Melkonian (1994)

Class Act - Directed by Randal Miller (1992)

Bob Roberts - Directed by Tim Robbins (1992)

Being Human - Directed by Bill Forsyth (1993) (One man, Robin Williams' character, must learn the meaning of courage across four lifetimes centuries apart.)

Brain Donors - Directed by Dennis Dugan (1992)

Witch Hunt - Directed by Paul Schrader (1994)

If Looks Could Kill - Directed by William Dear (1991)

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The Pest - Directed by Paul Miller (1997)

Demolition Man - Directed by Marco Brambilla (1993)

The Sand Lot - Directed by David M. Evans(1993)

Death Becomes Her - Directed by Robert Zemekis (1992)

The Last Boy Scout - Directed by Tony Scott (1991)

Four Rooms - Directed by Allison Anders & Alexandre Rockwell (1995)

Bullets Over Broadway - Directed by Woody Allen (1994)

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I am assuming the above list is a joke.... Clearly, many of those are the worst films made in he 90s, or perhaps ever.

Brain Donors? Class Act?

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geez. people are so uptight around here... it was the 90s! im reminiscing...

excuse me for not naming the same 10 movies everybody else has named .

for a place called movie-forums, youd think people would name other movies than the typical best of the best (matrix, pulp fiction etc etc), go into depth a little bit when talking the 90s, thats all im doing... no, theyre not oscar worthy.

even a bad movie (like class act) can be a good movie.

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Who's uptight? You are right this is movie forums, and people can surely say what they want about any films, which is what I was doing. We ARE going in depth talking about the 90s. This thread isn't "favorite films of the 90s", It's best films of the 90s. I would think that means the films people think are the most well crafted, well played, and well written films of the 90s. Class Act just doesn't fall into any of these catagories. I am not saying don't like the film, as everyone has guilty pleasures, but do you really think Class Act is a better film than something like Unforgiven or L.A Confidential?

Also, people are going to disagree with you from time to time on the forums, and developing somewhat of a thick skin around here is recommended. Calling someone out on a bad film isn't being uptight, it's simply a discussion on a discussion board. That is what is great about these boards, you can state what you like, and I can say it's crap.

What fun!

Meanwhile, your avatar is cool, and from one of the best films of the 90s...IMO.

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i was just trying to stray from the norm... which is what everybody else has already posted... theres literally hundreds of good movies from the 90s that no one has named... just saying.

again, no i dont think class act is the best film ever far from it... thats not my point... i guess my posts are more suited towards "your favorite movies from the 90's" or "movies of the 90s", but i havent seen a thread like that, so i posted em here... something different for a change... if you can find a more fitting thread for my posts, please, point me to it. id be happy to move my posts where they are not going to be ridiculed.

are there any movies that i did post that you liked?

and like i said, the "best" films dont necessarily have to be the best films... im sure you could agree with me to some extent... i added some cheesy/bad movies on purpose (like, "if looks could kill" or "the pest"), because, to me, they are represantative of the 90s just as much as the best of the best blockbusters we could all name over and over (and over).

im not new to boards... just this one. again, as a fan of many different types of films, just trying to stray away from the norm.

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and Brain Donors owns fool!