Dexter Reboot


Love the theme music-- from Del Shannon's Runaway (1961). Really invokes the version they used for the excellent police drama series Crime Story (1986-88) with Dennis Farina.

"How tall is King Kong ?"
Always pissed off by the glamorization of serial killers. And the "serial killer but serial killing only baddies so they're kinda cool" trope, be it Dexter or Lecter or Whatever.

I'll always remember an article that was (pseudo-)candidly asking why we don't have series about noble rapists who only rape bad people.

The first four seasons are iconic. After that it was a varying quality, sometimes even being downright bad, and indeedÖ. That ending was atrocious.

So Iím very much looking forward to what will hopefully redeem the show and give the fans what they have been craving ever since that ending.