80's Trash from the Future

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Being relatively new here, I just checked out this thread, and I must say, UF, that this is a super thread! I have a weakness for movie cheese, and all of your picks certainly seem to fit the bill.

I only own one of them, Night of the Comet, which I love, but have seen a few, such as The Blob (loved it), Cherry 2000 (liked it a lot), and Night of the Creeps (which I desperately need to spring for). Ever since I saw the latter years ago, I've used the line "Thrill me!" many a time, sometimes inappropriately.

But, weak as I am, I have to see some of these. The pics of exploding heads and shellacked monster puppets have me laughing, along with your great reviews. Come back soon. In the interim, I'll try and hunt some of these down.
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Welcome to the forum dadgumblah and thanks for the kind comments.

That goes for you too akatemple.

It's always nice to know someone is reading the results of my hobby despite the clunky writing style, and over enthusiasm for what are essentially crap films.

dadgumblah you might also be interested in my Reviews from the Future thread - lots of trash in there too.

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Still love this thread...
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I know. I've pointed a good few members to this thread over the years. His other review thread, too.
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Just wanted to revive one of the better threads on mofo. Theres a bunch of these free to watch on Amazon prime. A lot of these flicks are great. Check em out.
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Just wanted to revive one of the better threads on mofo. Theres a bunch of theses free to watch on Amazon prime. A lot of these flicks are great. Check em out.
UF was a really cool fellow. I wish he would return!

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Nah, we should be glad someone got out while they still could.

Man, I've seen too many of these movies...
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

My favorite junk decade. They've been mentioned before, although not in this context, but two all time favorite junk movies from that time would be CHUD and Humanoids From the Deep. They're special because, on that night, my wife and I were trapped in a beachfront hotel in Virginia Beach, surrounded by the ocean, concrete building shaking, roads flooded, with hundred MPH winds, during a nor'easter that unexpectedly exploded in a matter of hours. My wife managed to sleep but I watched a double-monster feature with these two masterpieces. The next morning, it was all over and, after emptying the water out of our flooded car, we started for home.

CHUD was my favorite of the two, especially with ham actor John Hurd and scream queen Kim Geist. It's also a great New York movie. It's before the subway was cleaned up, when urban myth did have monsters in the sewers in the Big Apple. CHUDs are not allowed in the subway tunnels anymore, except in The Bronx, and most of them retired to Staten Island a while back although they're not allowed on the Ferry.

Humanoids From the Deep added to the CHUD experience. Yeah, the monster rape scene is pretty notorious, but what else would you expect? Plenty of movies have done that, just without the nudity. Just what did you think was happening in those 50's movies where the scream queen screamed and the movie faded out?

I'm back again from the 80's with another one - The Re-Animator. It bills itself as being from H P Lovecraft, but trust me, that prudish guy would never have come up with trash like this; even Cthulhu would be horrified. An evil, ambitious student comes up with a glowing green goo that brings dead animals back to life. Then it's time to try it on a human, but you need a fresh corpse to be sure it will works, so we have to get one of those. It sorta works, but, as you might expect, being an 80's gore fest, it's not a smooth reanimation and nothing goes according to plan.

The movie features blood, gore, severed heads, disembowelments and bloody murder. The scream queen is sexually assaulted by the severed head after its severing. This is all in the trailer (beware, it's quite a trailer) and it gets even worse in the parts that are not in the trailer. I recall it being referred to as a "pie fight in a slaughterhouse". It's definitely one of the high points or low points or whatever you call this, in the long history of trash, even horror-trash. When I first saw it, it was presented as midnight feature/comic relief in an otherwise rather staid film festival.

"The more you drive, the less intelligent you are" - One of many taglines from Repo Man, the 1984 punk-sci-fi-junk classic. People chase a car around in the desert. The car has some sort of ET that can dis-integrate you. Emilio Estevez has a bad attitude about canned food. What more do you need, except the trailer.

So, how 'bout some Humanoids From the Deep. It's 1980, the best of decades for bad movies since the 1930's and monsters come to the beach. Not only are they monsters, but they are horny monsters, who see all that female flesh and go on a rampage. I think there area some cuts of this movie that are tamer than others, but you should see the untamed one for the full effect of movie trash and scaly humanoids.

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Maybe there's something wrong with me, but i actually liked Rats: Night of Terror (1984)

I don't know if this is quite horror, but it is fairly horrifying - Polyester (1981), by the infamous John Waters. Francine Fishpaw (Divine) lives in a squeaky clean suburb but "her" family is anything but but squeaky clean. Porn, drugs, alcohol abuse, abortions and abortion protestors, shoplifting and, of course, a son who is arrested as the Baltimore Foot Stomper, a guy who runs around stomping on feet of well dressed suburban women. When Lu-Lu attempts to get an illegal abortion, she is abducted in the trunk of a car by radical nuns who are going to take her, under duress, to a home for unwed girls, who are about to become mothers.

Things go really bad when the dog commits suicide by hanging and one daughter is about to sell her children into prostitution. As you can guess, all of this ends in an orgy of violence but Francine and her kids and newlyweds Cuddles and Heinz fade back into suburbia.

All of this mayhem was filmed on a budget that would not buy a BMW today. At the time, I knew about half of the cast and hence was invited to the world premiere in a small auditorium at the University of Baltimore. As usual for Waters early films, Divine (Glenn Milstead) was nowhere to be seen, although at the time, we would not have have recognized Milstead without his Divine personna.

When it was over, one of the attendees left the building an threw up on the sidewalk. It was remarked that Waters' latest triumph had just gotten its first review.

Important Note - It was the first film shot in "Odorama". When you entered the theater, you were given a scratch off card. On screen cues prompted you to scratch areas on the card that released vile odors cued to plot events, such as Divine's farts.