This Is My...


Ok... new game... a little explaining but pretty easy once it's explained...

"This Is My:"

Actors change over time... and time is the factor.

When you think of an actor/actress... you always get an image in your head...

So, when thinking of say, Sylvester Stallone, I don't think of this:

I don't think of this:

I think of this:

The 1990s Stallone is my Stallone.

"This is my: Stallone"

So the game is... "This Is My:"

To make things a little easier to get the ball rolling, the next person has to post their... Al Pacino:

When you've posted your response to Al Pacino, you must also give another actor/actress who's been around forever for the next person
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Garbage bag people fighting hippy love babies.

Bots gotta be bottin'

Possibly the 1st time I saw him in a movie was as the knight in The Seventh Seal.

Steve McQueen
Iím here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Thatís why Iím here now.

My Steve McQueen was the 1970s McQueen:

Next up:

Keifer Sutherland


You have to post your birth year for purposes of gloating!

My Steve McQueen is the 1970s McQueen still!
I was born 1982.

Those who cant teach do.
This is my Kiefer Sutherland (Stand by Me, 1986)
(I was born somewhat before that. OK, quite a bit before...)

Next: Julia Roberts

Those who cant teach do.


Jane Seymour

Those who cant teach do.

Next: Kurt Russell

Those who cant teach do.

Next: Nicole Kidman