Christopher Nolan vs. David Fincher


Christopher Nolan vs. David Fincher
20 votes
Christopher Nolan
37 votes
David Fincher
57 votes. You may not vote on this poll

Fincher by a nose for me. I just love The Social Network and Zodiac so much. Very close for me though.

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Fincher. I Love the Dark Knight trilogy, but I can't argue against Fight Club, Seven, The Game and Panic Room.
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Both are favorite of mine. I appreciate both director way more than PTA and Tarantino...

I have to go with Fincher because he never let me down and all his movies are genius and brilliant. I have 3 movies of him in my Top 25 (Zodiac, Fight Club and Se7en)
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They scratch different itches. Fincher's a better filmmaker, but Nolan just has more interesting ideas. Nolan's films would be interesting even to describe to people, or in other mediums entirely, whereas Fincher's get their power largely from the skill with which they're executed.

I tend to really like high concept films, though, so I find myself more excited for Nolan's releases than Fincher's, but they're very hard to compare objectively.

Doubt that'll be enough when he needs to wake up every morning knowing 11 people on Movie Forums prefer David Fincher
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