Fuze's Top 100 Redux!!!!

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About a year ago, I tried my hand in a favorites list ignoring the fact that......well.....I haven't seen many great movies! My list has changed at an amazing rate since then and I plan on finishing it this time. I have many different genres, such as horror and documentaries, to musicals and dramas. This is more a personal experience that I have actually took time to think about this time and construct a list that I am happy with! I will be going three at a time until the top 10, then I will do singles! I hope you enjoy, I know I did!

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100.) Wreck-It Ralph

Fun film that me and my son watch about 5 times a week with some very memorable characters and scenes. Loads of family entertainment here!

99.) Ace in the Hole

Snappy, quotable dialogue, simple story, and a magnificent cast. Definitely worthy of a spot on my list. Need to see more Douglas films if anyone has any suggestions.

98.) Spiderman 2

Definitely one of the best comic book films made to date. It really makes me wonder what Raimi was thinking with the third installment. This was also one of my favorite theater experiences, also. Great film!

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Thanks man! Ace in the Hole is an awesome flick. I love witty dialogue.

Wreck It Ralph was my favorite animation in a long time. My boys love it also, so yeah I am a little burnt out on it. Really want to see Ace In The Hole sooner than later, unfortunately I have quite a bit of movies I can say that about. It will keep moving up the watch list though. Spiderman 2 is a good not great superhero flick in my opinion.

Wreck it Ralph is great animation movie and Spider-Man 2 is a awesome sequel that is better than Spider-Man. I really would like to see Ace in the Hole someday and you have a great list so far Fuze.

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I only saw Spiderman 2 from your first set but really enjoyed it.

I've never heard of Ace in the Hole but wil look out for it on cable.

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Spider-Man 2 was a little cheesy for me, but not bad by any means. Wreck-It-Ralph was pretty awesome, though.
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Spider-Man 2 is a great superhero film, Wreck-It Ralph was decent (I didn't love it as much as some people), and Ace in the Hole looks like something I would love and I have been meaning to watch it for a while.

Ace in the Hole is a very good film

I like Spider-Man 2 also, and I haven't seen Wreck it Ralph yet

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My thoughts would echo those of Gunslinger exactly. Not seen Ace in the Hole although I actually recorded it just a week or two ago. Seen the other two though, I really like Wreck-It-Ralph and love Spider-Man 2.

Ace in the Hole is worth watching fellas, written, directed, and produced by Billy Wilder

good pick Fuze

Didn't think much of Wreck it Ralph but Ace in the Hole is great. Don't think I've seen any of the Spiderman movies all the way through but did see part of one and it looked pretty good.

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97.) Home Alone 2

I love both the first and second of these films, but I have to say this one is more enjoyable. Plus, the Tim Curry character is a nice inclusion. Great family fun for the holidays, or just a quiet afternoon!

96.) Mallrats

Kevin Smith's first, but definitely not last, inclusion on this list. Great characters, memorable scenes, and Jay and Silent Bob! Love the Stan Lee cameo!

95.) Suspiria

Truly a horror classic, tense buildup, and an atmosphere that is easily one of the most terrifying of my list. At first, this was a tough watch because I am not much of a horror fan, but I am glad I did. Creepy soundtrack, also!