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The Mist

Directed by Frank Darabont

What a damn crazy movie. The thing I love about this movie is the tension and the wondering of what is around the corner, and the mystery of the bigger creatures, the ones you do not see much of until the very end. The size and scope of these other dimensional beings is intense, and the undertones of race and religion in this film is also touched upon. This film horrified many, and it was either hated or loved by many, particularly for the ending. I honestly really liked the way it ended, it catches you so off guard, and when twists like that work, it can really end a film on the right emotional note, and this one succeeded. Definitely a classic horror sci-fi film that will be watched in my house for years to come.

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Pulp Fiction

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Come on. If this film didn't pop up, it would be blasphemous! I love every part of this film, all the subtle hints towards some of his future films and the snappy dialogue, amazing characters, and awesome interactions between them. From Vince to Jules and his burger loving rants to Butch and Marsellus and Mia Wallace, these characters were crafted by the mind of awesomeness and quite possibly his best film. The s**t these guys go through and how it is handled, the......awwww crap why do I have to tell you why this is on my list?!?!? ITS PULP FICTION!!!!

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Kill Bill
(Also Representing Kill Bill: Vol 2)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Yep. Another Tarantino classic. What can I say? Big fan of the fellow. Greatly choreographed action, cool story, and awesome dialogue, this movie has it all and one of the most incredible soundtracks to date. Uma Thurman couldn't be cast any better, although I am not the biggest fan of hers outside of Quentin movies. Big fan of the Oren story and the way it was laid out. I also put volume 2 on there because I never watch one without the other. Great films, awesome direction, brilliant music to match every scene, and a plucked out eye. Awesome times!

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Directed by Ridley Scott

A lot of people hated this movie, but I honestly loved it. Yes, it actually raises more questions than answers, and I did not mind that at all. I am excited for the sequel because this movie was AWESOME looking visually and a cool enough story that I had no porblem keeping up with, although I *SPOILER* HATED the fact that the guy who mapped the area got lost. That really kind of took me out of the movie, but other than that, I loved it. Everything including the nod at the end was epic in my opinion! May be a kind of unconventional pick, but I cannot help what I like! Plus Fassbender was a breath of fresh air.

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I have got a lot more movies in my repertoire now, four years later. I have been working on my list a lot lately, and have gotten rid of some horrid conclusions, so if anyone would like to see this redone, let me know!!!