Aloha movie forum members!

My name is Nat Capileri and I am currently in the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii! I am ready to share my information, reviews, recommendations to all you movie lovers!

Since moving to Hawaii for a year now, I was able to see sets from Lost, Hawaii 5-0, and have seen the Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean while surfing! I've been to the place where they shot Jurassic Park series too!

Check out my profile to see my top 10 movies. I don't really like to order things around so don't think that the list is in chronological order!

Enjoy and thanks for reading my intro!


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Welcome! I was so close to moving to Hickam AFB but it fell through. I plan on making my way to Hawaii eventually though! Look forward to seeing you around the boards.
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Hey Nat! Welcome!!
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When I first saw your name I wanted to slap you - but then I saw there was no "G" in front of it - your username. I am sorry for wanting to smack my palm on your cheek - welcome Nat.
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Welcome Nat. Look forward to your perspective on the cinema.
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Welcome to the family
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