The MoFo Personal Pictures Thread


Hey, it had to happen at some point: post a picture! I'm gonna have a few taken (they'll be on a somewhat fuzzy webcam, though...sorry), and post them when I do...but it'll be a few days. Any of you other souls brave enough to post them for now?

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Now With Moveable Parts if that works. Not sure it's a valid extension. Yeah...that worked. too bad half of my face is dark...stupid sun. I'll update it when I get a better pic.
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I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Ok, I have moved my picture here to leave the other thread somewhat on topic.

Here it is(renamed to a more fitting title):
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"I was walking down the street with my friend and he said, "I hear music", as if there is any other way you can take it in. You're not special, that's how I receive it too. I tried to taste it but it did not work." - Mitch Hedberg

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Sadie, it's not all your fault that that picture looks as bad as it does. My scanner isn't all that great anymore and works like crap sometimes. The picture scanned too dark, and I tried lightening it since you couldn't really see your face.

And yes, a smilie that claps is needed.

Now With Moveable Parts
I can't wait to post a better one. It's so hard to be a flirt...or have sexi-mexi as your title and Betty Boop as your avatar...because everybody thinks I'm gonna be this siren, and I'm so average. POOH.

*actually...this is a fish for compliments...cuz I know I'm hot as snot...

Spuds, you look nothing like I pictured you. Be glad. Be very glad. You look like one of my beer drinkin' buds... he drinks me under the table every time.

Sades... you are as hot as snot!!

Originally posted by Toose
Sades... you are as hot as snot!!
I'll assume that's a complement. And yeah, Sadie's picture is a tad I imagine it doesn't give us a good look at her. Drat. She's got bright red hair though...big plus right there.

Radioactive Spider Blood
You can find me a lot at

But here's one pic of me:
(okay, so it's of me and some others... I'm in the middle )
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"Chances are, if your parents didn't have any kids, then you won't either."

Hmmm, I've gotten several notifications that say people such as Anne and Patti have posted here...and someone else I think too. Did you guys zap your posts afterwards or something?

I ain't gettin' in no fryer!
Nope. I meant it as a complement tho...
Oh, well I didn't know Sandra Bullock had a twin brother. They say everyone has a twin out there somewhere. Who knows.

Patti sent me this. Check it izzout. She says it's (from left to right), her, her daughter Ellie and her brother's then-girlfriend Rebecca. Patti's in damn fine shape, I might add.
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The goofiness that is me in a staff photo for a job I had not too long ago.
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very cool to see everyone's mug......but T, you aren't here yet, are you? spud- sades told me you were cute......i am happy to see everyone's faces.....those who have i want to see the rest.
Thanks "T" for helping me get in on it.....and for the kind words.....can you send a notice for everyone to know the thread is hidden down in site feedback? anyway, thanks again "T"

and cheers to all the smiling faces.

now holden, you need to send one to the commish like i did!?
on dance seul, on dance seul.....

it's always good to know who your talking to it puts things into perspective I don't know what kind of perspective but it does for me.

I don't know exactly how to add pictures but I'll give it a try here it goes I just took the pic on my web cam it's not a bad of quality picture.
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Im the white kid, the one in the back that looks menacing and evil. Yes the one labled FAG, though im not gay.
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