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Treasure in the city


Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I have several movies I want to identify, this is the first of them. There is no way I can find this using google search, so please help.

I watched this movie a long time ago (maybe around 2006 or later). I have no idea what the plot is, I just remember some things from the movie. There is a man and a woman in a town (probably New York, or Los Angeles, or Washington) searching for some treasure or something like that. They are chasing some bad guys who also want to find that treasure. They find some paper (probably declaration of independence, if I remember correctly) and there is some hidden message on that paper. Then they follow that message and find some special glasses. The man goes on the roof of some building and the woman goes on the roof of another building. The man looks through the glasses and sees some hidden message at the place where the woman is standing. Then they follow the new message. After some time, they find the bad guys in some underground well, or cave, or something like that. It's very deep and dark. There is like some big swing made of chains and the bad guys are trying to escape using that swing, but they fall down into the darkness. The man and the woman leave the well afterwards.

Does anybody know this movie?

That's it. Thanks!