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Schindler's List vs. The Battle of Algiers


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One movie reminds me of the other, because they both that have that B $ W documentary style feel to them, and are both war movies.

I find myself leaning slightly more towards The Battle of Algiers though, because it was just a slightly harder punch in the gut for me. But both are very good.

What do you think?

Love Schindlerís List. Fantastic movie IMO. Never seen Battle of Algiers & have no desire to do so. I know I would hate it.
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Oh okay, why would you hate it?

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Your loss. I think it might be the better film, but I'd have to rewatch both to be sure.
I really just want you all angry and confused the whole time.

Love Schindlerís List. Fantastic movie IMO. Never seen Battle of Algiers & have no desire to do so. I know I would hate it.
Battle of Algiers is a really good film. It is suspenseful and, in a way, timeless in exploring the extremity that people will go to when they believe that their way is the right way. I would urge you to give it a shot. I wasn't all that interested in watching it, either, but by the time I was done I rated it a 9/10.

In Schindler's List, B&W as style choice. Algiers was just what was common back then. Schindler's List is a more emotional and Battle of Algiers is raw. Love both of them. I dont like to admit I am a cry baby, but Schindler's List made me weepy boy, so I would give the edge to that. But Battle of Algiers is fine film probably on equal footing but from a different angle.
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"The Battle of Algiers" is on my Top 10, but didn't like the other one. Big waste of both our time (the girl I was with wanted to leave before it ended.. I thought "might as well stay - we suffered enough" - but she was right).

I could never compare these movies to each other... I first saw "The Battle of Algiers" when I was 17, last saw it when I was about 37. And both times (and the dozen times in between) it always leave an impression on me.. Emotional, but then into inspiration to join something like the FLN and get rid of those bastards.

Here's the movie on YouTube.... The DVD extras used to be on there. Very good.

I don't think the movies have much in common but if I must choose between them, I'm going with the one with a Morricone score.

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I always love that Spielberg despite being a jew didn't make Schindlers list a pity movie. It was kind of a suspense movie. Whether the people in Schindlers list are gonna survive or not.Its all about sneaking them in and preventing their death. Same with the pianist.

Ditto, but I did like Algiers a lot anyway.

Its not taking anything away from Algiers by me saying I prefer Schindler. I get the appeal of how considerably more direct it is, but Spielberg's use of so many different cinematic techniques just happens to be more appealing to me in this case, as it's a document of a great filmmaker pushing himself past his comfort zone and making arguably his best movie. It's everything Spielberg had done up until that point and then so much more.

I definitely need to rewatch Algiers at some point though. Unlike Schindler, which I think I've seen about four times, I've only seen it the once many moons ago

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I saw The Battle of Algiers for the first time recently, but still feel like I need to see it again to fully assess it - I think Schindler's List would edge it out even when I have a full appreciation for the former though. SL really haunts the soul. I wasn't too pleased when I first saw it for some reason - I think because I was only 19 and demanded that films had to be trivial, entertaining and titillate without making the watcher feel guilty. Now when I watch it I openly weep. It really gets inside me, that one. I look forward to watching The Battle of Algiers again though. There's a rawness to it that edges out the more manufactured Spielberg dreaminess - so it has that.
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