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Face/Off (1997)

After watching The Rock recently, what would be more perfect than to continue down the road of 90s action at its best? Another one of my all time favorite action films, filled with plenty of shoot outs and explosions, slow-mo scenes, bullet-time and doves - all so John Woo-ish - you get exactly what you ask for here! And then it's Travolta and Cage in the lead roles! It doesn't get more 90s than this!


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Your actually not a name that even popped into my head when I wrote that post to Gatsby. Cricket had watched that movie the other night and he was the person that popped into my head. I bet he doesn't give a damn that I said it either.

As for my half truth joke to Swan..I think your response shows why it's a half truth.

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Pink Panter 2

A really funny movie to laugh the entire film. It reminds me a little to Mr. Bean but I really enjoy the Inspector's racist personality and his talks with that kind of psicologist. Also the "you damn little piggys" and other stuff I enjoy it a lot!

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Erm. Wow. I picked this more or less at random because I like Korean cinema and I unusually had some time to myself. Nobody told me how good this was. I don't think I've even heard of it. The first scene and most of the first 30 minutes is quite bizarre. But what unfolds is a truly beautiful and touching 2 hours and 10 minutes. It's format is clever, and not only revelas the story, but reveals the reveals. It answers the questions that have just been posed. It tells you what you need to know and it does it cleverly and heartbreakingly. This is a wonderful movie. It's a cataclysmic love tradgedy. I think it's a 9/10.

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You gotta get thicker skin.
MG with thicker skin? She'll practically be invincible!

And no, I did not receive PMs threatening me to rate Nekromantik higher or else. I honestly think it's a
- film. Not unwatchable or anything tbh. You should give it a try.

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The Equalizer (2014) -
Jurassic World (2015) -

Stolen Desire (1958) -

Lucy (2014) -
300:Rise of an Empire (2014) -

Northern Soul (2014) -
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I love midnight movies. They are special and unique movies that gained notoriety at midnight showings since they were (mostly) disasters in standard releases. And while they were not popular with general audiences, each has gained a significant cult following. Some more so then others. This film discusses the origins of Midnight movies with El Topo, and explores other notable midnight features in the 1970's. Ranging from Eraserhead to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Three of which I count among my favorite movies. And following my theatrical viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and with it's audience participation has launched that film from already being my all time favorite musical to one of my top 10 favorite films period. I have seen 5 of the 6 films talked about in this documentary, but that will change when The Harder They Come finally arrives in the mail sometime this week. And while the midnight movie scene is mostly dead (a few others like Heavy Metal did pop up) they are still very special films to me. I highly recommend this film to someone who is interested in these kinds of movies or just film history period.

My favourite film. Gunslinger posted the Blue Ray poster once and it was released on my birthday (April 5th). Look at the small writing after Randak, unless I'm blind it says Glasgow . Seems like destiny and all that jazz

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Moscow on the Hudson - 7/10

I like any film with heart. Film about a defector from Russia who lives in NYC, meets some nice people, but soon realizes "freedom" isn't what it's all cracked up to be, but like any place, it's the people who make the place.

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Johnny Guitar (1954)


From the top 100 Westerns list, Joan Crawford plays a tough broad who owns a saloon. The normal conflict in a movie like this is further enhanced when her old flame comes to town. With a female star as it's centerpiece, this Western stands out from the crowd. It has a decent story and a few interesting characters. I liked it.

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Goodfellas (Martin Scorcese, 1990)


I wasn't expecting to like this less, but I did! I have the same problem I had with some of other Scorcese movies: too much narration!!! It completely ruined Casino for me and it made me enjoy this one less, though it's still a great movie!
The acting is great,especially by Liotta! In terms of directing, this has amazing details: the way the characters are presented, the camera work, the cinematic dialogues: the whole first half of the movie is a directing lesson!
Though it never bored me for real, it lost pace after some time... It's still one of the greatest gangster movies of all time but I wouldn't dare to compare it to Godfather trilogy or Once Upon a Time in America. Those two are light years ahead of anything ever done!

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You guys watching great films
Lost Souls (1980)- it's one of the most brutal films I have ever seen.
It's not a hardcore film, there is no gore, but the violence and the story make it shocking to me.

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La signora di tutti (I, 1934, Max Ophüls) -

It's not a great movie storywise but the cinematography is absolutely amazing! Especially for the year 1934! Worth watching for that alone.
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Ugetsu (1953)

Really is a stunningly beautiful film with real haunting and depressing themes. I was completely gripped from start to finish. Just realised too, I think this is my first Mizoguchi.


Takes a while to get going but a pretty good survival horror.

The script is absurd.The acting is horrendous. But there are lots of bikini babes and a big shark.

Ugetsu (1953)

Really is a stunningly beautiful film with real haunting and depressing themes. I was completely gripped from start to finish. Just realised too, I think this is my first Mizoguchi.

I suggest Sansho the Baliff next. EXCELLENT film!