Horror movie


Almost 40 years ago I watched a horror movie where a summouned dark sorcerer with a pointed hat killed lots of people (maybe even the people who summoned him)

No it is not for sure Jeanne Dielman

It is much older than the sword and the sorcerer; actually I think the movie I am searching for was black and white.
Meanwhile I am going to watch The sword and he sorcerer :=)

Can you describe the scenery?

How did he kill - magic, sword, etc?

Do you remember anything about the hero?

A system of cells interlinked
I am guessing pointed hat.

Was the film color or black and white?
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Yes it was a pointed hat.Sorry I made a mistake and now I fixed the original post text.
I can remember he used magician to kill the opponents.
The movie was black and white. I would say it could be from '50s or '60s.
I can't remember anything about the hero.