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I would put Hateful Eight ahead of only the Kill Bill series and maybe Basterds when it comes to QT, but that was still good enough to at least be a contender for my list.

Appreciate a rare film that has the nerve to show liberal racism and I love Daniel Kaluuya, but Get Out was a mixed bag for me. I enjoyed it but the horror got a little weird for my taste.

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I think Get Out is very intensely executed & I'm suprised to see the hate.
I don't hate it at all, I think it's a good film. It's just that it's nowhere near top 20 worthy, plus as mentioned it kinda sucked to see some high-quality horror getting snubbed.

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I love, love, love The Hateful Eight and it was in my number nine spot. A cool chamber play/horror/snow western/thriller/comedy/crime... and on and on... film. A welcome three hour visit and I'm always glad to check back into that nihlistic motel/trading post/water hole from Hell any day of the week and just sit back and enjoy a masochistic nightmare with these comically depraved characters. I'm not a huge huge Tarantino film fan, but this thing is his greatest achievement. Also you can't not love seeing Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh in such meaty roles.
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Top 100 Films, clicky below

Seen: 29 - Inception - A good creative movie

Get Out - I didn't care much about this movie, found it a boring horror movie honestly

Not Seen: 50

I have not seen: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Silver Linings, Inside Llewyn Davis, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance, The Hateful Eight
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I haven't seen The Hateful Eight. I liked Get Out pretty well, but I didn't see it as the game-changer a lot of people seem to have done. Not on my list.

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Well my top 20 guess is wrong already I didn't expect Hateful 8 above Django Unchained. I suppose now I have to watch it.

Get Out is pretty good but, not being a big horror fan, I didn't love it.

I like The Hateful Eight the most of the three Tarantino films which will end up making the countdown, but then I don't much like the other two. Get Out is really great and was my #14. If what people are predicting is true, I'll have three more make it.

My List:
2. Take Shelter (#67)
4. Midnight in Paris (#45)
5. The Shape of Water (#52)
9. Nightcrawler (#55)
11. Birdman (#21)
13. Burning (#35)
14. Get Out (#19)
15. A Separation (#90)
16. Ex Machina (#49)
22. Knives Out (#74)
23. Inside Llewyn Davis (#22)
25. The Mill and the Cross (1-pointer)
I may go back to hating you. It was more fun.

I didn't expect Hateful 8 above Django Unchained.
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Wait, 4 total, or 4 from your list have made it? Confused
You're not confused, I was...I've seen 31 from the countdown. Mostly from HoF viewings too. Only 4 from my ballot has made the countdown...I doubt anymore will.

The Hateful Eight is my favorite post Jackie Brown Tarantino film.

Get Out did make my ballot and I like it much more than Peele's other two/fers.

Have not seen Hateful 8.

Get Out is a film I really need to rewatch soon because I really enjoyed it. I think I like Us more still though. That one's out now though as this is much more popular

I forgot to comment on Get Out… I really Iove it. It’s like Peele hit it pretty darn perfect the first time around. His other two effort have both had all the Peele ingredients, but hasn’t quite been as perfectly packaged as his directorial debut.

It was not on my list, but I really enjoy it a whole lot and I’m glad to see it here and fairly high up.

I generally don't care when films I don't like make these lists, but I have to say it's beginning to tickle me that it is seeming less and less likely that The Conjuring is going to make it.

If it can begin to fade into semi obscurity on a list like this, which is pretty much championing lots of popular crowd pleasing fare, my decades long belief that it has no lasting power due to its unbelievable blandness seems to be coming true.

The Hateful Eight was my #18. Fantastic film with great performances. I loved Get Out, but it didn't quite make my ballot.

Seen: 78/82

Every time someone praises his dialogue I feel fundamentally disconnected from the universe. It's the most artificial, try-hard sounding language to my ear, to the point that the emotion I actually feel listening to it is vicarious embarrassment).

I think this is how I feel about the Sunrise movies. The main difference being that I don't think we are ever meant to take Tarantinos dialogue as anything related to the real world. With Linklaters films, that dialogue is very much the key into believing these characters as two people just casually chatting and falling in love and it just rings endlessly hollow to me to the point that I cringe.

Now, as for people who are still claiming his dialogue is his greatest talent, lets just say I think they are sniffing the same glue as Tarantino. I don't think his dialogue has really worked well (at least not with any consistency) in any of his films beyond Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction. When it felt new. When it truly felt like a new way to get characters to talk. It was always artificial and deliberately over written to ensure its maximum hipness, but it felt fresh in the mouths of Travolta or Buscemi or Jackson in thise movies. It was an extension of the cinematic world he had created.

But now, it's like some boho beatnik daddy-o still jiving like Kerouac well into the 1970s and it doesn't sound right anymore. It feels tired and out of place and a lot of its because we know all of his reflexes. His patter has gone on autopilot. It's not nearly as cutting or funny and the references are becoming more and more strained. BUT, from time to time, he still will nail a scene, and his way with language has a way of illuminating the characters and their intentions. For example, nearly all of Waltzs big scenes in Basterds, or Jackson in Django. In the right mouth of the right actor playing the right character, it still can become a kind of gutter poetry.

But those moments are few and far between.

None of this is to say I still don't love his films though. Where his dialogue seems to have stagnated for the last twenty years, his films have continued to evolve along with him. The bloat so many people complain about in his last few films really allows him to play with genre expectations in beautiful ways. To take chances with pacing and character arcs and scoring and editing and camera movement. He's still the most gifted pop movie maker of our generation. And for me still one of the most remarkably consistent directors I can think of.

Hateful Eight (and particular Django) are both great films worthy of this list. And, even though I forgot to vote for it, if Hollywood doesn't make it deep into the top 10, I'll be very disappointed (or, won't care in the slightest, but I feel I should at least pretend to think these stakes remotely matter to me)

I generally don't care when films I don't like make these lists, but I have to say it's beginning to tickle me that it is seeming less and less likely that The Conjuring is going to make it.
Careful you don't jinx it, or the The Conjuring might end up at the top of the Countdown haha.

Careful you don't jinx it, or the The Conjuring might end up at the top of the Countdown haha.

I can't see it rising above Get Out (same thing for Babadook, which definitely deserved to make it), but I wouldn't be super surprised if it someone sneaks in there. There are a lot of people out there rabid for that kind of mediocrity. It spawned an enormous franchise after all. Likely the biggest one in horror since.....Scream?