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The Super Mario Bros Movie (2023)


A: I'm not sold on Mario or Luigi's faces or voice actors.
B: I freakin' love the animation for everyone else, especially Kamek and Bowser.

I'm really looking forward to it coming out! I even named my dog Mario

The 2nd trailer lowered my expectations a little...

I'm hanging onto that slim, slim chance that the second trailer kickstarts a petition to seek Mario voice training for Pratt.

I am still very optimistic about this. Really looking forward to it and it is one of my most anticipated movies of next year.

You ready? You look ready
I never liked Mario... but Mario is now a useless goofball who follows Princess Peaches, who is now a kickass heroine with a battleaxe?
Mario has been following Princess Peaches from day one. dude is a simp

Isn't her name Princess Peach? Wtf, I've been saying it wrong for years?

I think not!