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Deadpool 3


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Cannot wait for this! Deadpool 1&2 are so awesome. Plus Hugh Jackman! Win
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we know noone cant replace hugh jackman as wolverine!
Danny DeVito has a lot of support!

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I can't tell you how excited i am to watch DP3 and with HJ in it as well reprising his role of Wolverine. This is literally music to my ears. I loved DP and really liked DP2 so I have high hopes for this.
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I think they are over rated but not terrible, at least worth one watch.

Deadpool 2 in particular I just find it a whole heap of nothing with a really unlikable arrogant kid in it.

It was bad enough watching Hunt For The Wilders people with the fat ****er

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I already have a low opinion of the first two and the idea of them bringing back Jackman as Wolverine just reads like creative bankruptcy more than anything else.