Help Weird Science get a proper Release


Hello forum,

I am asking that some of you join me to help rustle a few feathers in the blu ray distribution world. As a few may already know, Weird Science is a great teenage sex fantasy film that is both funny and fun.

Sadly, when Universal (famous for ugly digital bake jobs) released their cash grab version some years back, the blu ray was an insult to the John Hughes collection, being smothered with digital noise reduction, awful edge enhancement, and nary a special feature except some slapped together 14 min retrospective.

We need a collector's edition!

Arrow Films have been in kahoots with Universal (the owner of Weird Science) for years now. Arrow has acquired and put out a beautiful edition of The burbs' as well as other great Universal titles. Sadly, Weird Science is nowhere on the radar. I've asked Arrow several times in the past. I've also asked SHOUT Factory, Criterion (lol), and Kino Lorber.

Weird Science needs a good collector's edition BLU RAY!

Please help me. To whoever can and will, please drop a line or two to any of these companies to remind them that Weird Science has an audience willing to pay for production of a nice collector's blu ray edition, with a new transfer, and new special features, a deluxe edition, even!

Obviously, a bunch of emails at one time will look like a raid, so if anyone wants to discuss the scheduling of this voiced concern to these companies who have the power to release this film, please...let the conversation exist in this thread, and let's get this going!

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."