The 2017 Oscar Picks Pool is Open


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16/24, though given how the highest total was 19/24 this actually seems like a better result than usual.
you should re-evalute how you watch movies or just come to terms with the fact that you are a multiplex audience who just views movies as entertainment.Nothing wrong with that but just get that straight.

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16/24, though given how the highest total was 19/24 this actually seems like a better result than usual.
No it's not!!!
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Congrats to TUS: Had a tough luck tiebreaker loss last year, but took it home this year. Contact me when you know what movie you want, or if you want a mug, or whatnot. Good job!
Please direct all complaints to Steve.

I think we need a recount though. La La Land won best pic, didn't you notice?
You're welcome.

That was just the popular vote.

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A couple stats about last night's winners:

The 10% that correctly predicted Moonlight would win is the lowest total we've ever had for the Best Picture winner. The next-lowest is 25%, which was Spotlight last year.

Justin Hurwitz's win for Best Score, for La La Land, was predicted by 85% of people. That's not a record, but it's close: the record is 88%, by both DiCaprio for The Revenant and Gravity for Best Visual Effects.

There's been a weird trend in the recent Oscars of Best Director and Best Picture going to different movies. I'm sure Holden has pointed it out before.
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28 days...6 hours...42 minutes...12 seconds
First time two black nominees won Best Supporting awards in the same ceremony; in general, first time an Oscar ceremony featured more than 3 black winners
First time in almost twenty years that all acting winners are American
First time in 10 years that the Best Actor nominee who won the SAG did not win the Oscar (Washington/Affleck)
First time a Muslim actor won an Oscar (Ali)
First time in almost 20 years that all acting awards went to people playing fictional people
First time a movie with 14 nominations failed to win Best Picture
First time a Potter movie won an Academy Award
First time a DC Universe movie won an Academy Award
First time a living person was included in the "In Memoriam" Segment
First time Kevin O'Connell won an Oscar after 21 nominations (Hacksaw Ridge, Sound Mixing)
First time the wrong Best Picture winner was announced
First time Netflix (White Helmets) and Amazon (Manchester By the Sea) films won Oscars


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Let me know what you think, Cam. I;m a big fan of docos but would like to know how much raw footage of death and injry. Getting a bit soft these days.