Pryor once had a great bit of prisons.

An immortal punchline was "thank God we got penitentiaries!"

Well, I just watched Heaven's Gate. The Digitally Restored Director's Cut. Per Wikipedia.
This "Director's Cut" was personally supervised by Michael Cimino and Joann Carelli. Cimino explains in the special features portion of the DVD that this is his preferred version of the film, and he feels it is the complete version he intended to make.
All I have to say is, thank God we have editors! And thank God we have stubborn producers and studios who tell artists to cut it down to size.

I say this as the guy who owns every version of Blade Runner and who didn't mind the run time of Meet Joe Black and who loves those quiet lingering shots in Michael Mann films. But damn! Cimino made me feel like I was watching a post-Menke Tarantino flick. The intention seemed to be that Cimino was trying make the Godfather in Wyoming, but it felt more like a drive across Wyoming in real time.

This film made me hate long shots. And I love long shots. This film made me hate background details and scenes that go on a bit longer. And I love both.

I know I am late to the party bury this film, and it is not kind of speak ill of the dead (and if this film isn't dead, I don't know what is), but even so, there is something so bad here, that an autopsy seems necessary. Was this murder? A suicide? A tragic accident?