What is your favorite movie genre?


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Come on everybody has to have a favorite genre, one specific genre that you really love. My favorite genre has to be Sci-Fi, its the most underated genre, they rarely get nominated for 'Best Picture'.

Mine's the Indiana Jones type adventure movies.
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My top 5 would probably be...

Noir, Mystery, Hitchcockian Thrillers, Shakespeare, Western

(Maybe not in that order though)
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Noir is a style not a genre. It's like cinéma verité.

Kong will stop being picky now.

Kong can't pick a favorite genre.
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No Kong, while I believe you are correct in a purist sense, I will note that Noir can definitely be a genre. To avoid any controversy (and because I’m very tired), however, I'll specify that my favorite genre is Detective Noir.

Noir and Westerns
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Though I don't really think I have a favourite genre, a lot of my favourite films tend to belong to the war genre.

I think a lot of the existential questions that especially men are concerned with are being dealt with in war movies. The war genre is well suited for issues like manhood and masculinity as well as how to deal with stuff like fear (and not showing fear), friendship, duty, guilt, your relationship with authorities and feelings and emotions in general.

War movies are often about what is expected of you as a man, things that you don't have to fight a war in a literal sense to be interested in.

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I'll Just give you a list 5=lowest, 1=highest

5.Romantic Comedy





Not just drama, films like One Flew over the Cookoo's Nest, Dances w/ Wolves or Braveheart. Those kind fo drama movies.
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Horror, Kung Fu(not really a genre but you get the idea), Noir, Suspense, and Comedy.


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Crime drama and noir, both are often related but not always.
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Kung Fu.
I kinda like Kung Fu, I'm really into Jackie Chan but that's about it. I love his stuff in Shanghai Knights where he plays his fight scenes off of Singin' in the Rain and the Keystone Cops.

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Action and Kung Fu

I find Kung Fu entertaining

i really love comedy.
great to go and see with mates
luv y'all

My favortie genre would have to be the:
mysterious-sci-fi-horror-with-a-noir-style-writing-and-the-occasional-injection-of-good-one-liners-(absolutley no corn allowed)-or-irony genre.

wow it takes up a whole line it must be good!
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