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Btw, Funny Face, I'll teach you how to make popcorn ratings, but only if you give the film a high rating.
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Haven't watched any films here yet. Or i would probaby have slightly more kisses than usual!
Sweet Camo, there are always kisses waiting for you.

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Dum Laga Ke Haisha
(Sharat Katariya, 2015)

Pram gets pressured into an arranged marriage with Sandaya, an educated girl who is overweight. Ends with the couple being challenged to compete in a wife-carrying contest. Lots of scenes I didn't care for, mostly with Pram sulking and insulting Sandaya but he wasn't so bad in the last thirty minutes. Okay as a one-time watch.


(Shoojit Sircar, 2015)

Storyline is both ridiculous and realistic. Piku (Deepika Padukone) is juggling her own needs and taking care of her aging father who lives with her in Delhi. Her father decides he wants to move back to his family home in Kolkatta but refuses to fly and insists on getting a driver to take them. The family uses a taxi service but all drivers refuse to take Piku with her well known short temper and the owner, Rana (Irrfan Khan), ends up driving the family himself. Road trip and constant talk of bowel movements throughout the entire film. Loved it. As much as the family bickered- very obvious how much they love each other. I think a lot of people can relate. Music was also lovely.

And Irrfan Khan makes me swoon a bit.


(Vikas Bahl, 2013)

Netflix recommendation based on the two previous films. Rani gets dumped two days before her wedding and decides to go on her honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam by herself. Fun start but lags a lot. Felt like a made for TV movie. Loved the music. Favorite song was London Thumakda:


(James Ford Murphy, 2014)

New work schedule has been keeping me busy these days but I've been promising JayDee I'd post something. Work in administration for a mental health provider and nanny part time. Covered reception lunch break today and Lava was playing in the waiting room. Watched this several times now and still occasionally tear up. Such a sweet song that makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy each time I hear it. Recently started to play ukulele and love to wake up the kiddos with music. Lava was the third song I learned on uke.

for my favorite Pixar short.

See JayDee- a special post for you!

Master of My Domain
Uh, no, Lava is hardly the best Pixar short, but +1 anyways for the enthusiasm and personal story.
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Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
See JayDee- a special post for you!
Aw thanks Amanda.

I actually just watched Lava for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Thought it was very sweet, if a little odd, but certainly don't think I'd have it as being one of Pixar's best shorts. I'd need to watch through them again before I could pick a favourite but I remember Day and Night being wonderfully creative. For the Birds is one of their simpler efforts but really fun. Blue Umbrella was rather lovely. Oh and Presto was pretty much perfect. That's probably my favourite actually. That was close to being a five minute masterpiece.

Anyway great to see you back. Looking forward to more

Master of My Domain
I think Geri's Game is a Pixar Short that needs more love. It's one of my favs.

Btw, good list GBG.

My favorite Pixar short will probably always be Knick Knack. That angry little snowman cracks me up. I had him as my first avatar here, actually. I also love Partly Cloudy, For the Birds, Presto, Lifted and Tin Toy.

The Beauty Inside
(Jong-Yeol Baek, 2015)

Woo-jin wakes up every day in a different body. He starts to visit the girl who works at the furniture store, E-soo, who always thinks he is a new customer. After some time (and waking young and attractive), he asks E-soo out on a date and stays up for three days to spend time with her in the same body and to avoid having to explain his transformations. Woo-jin falls asleep just before his last planned breakfast date with E-soo and leaves her waiting as he watches on in his new body. Both can't stop thinking about each other and Woo-jin decides to tell E-soo the truth about his appearance.

Have not read the book this is based on or watched the mini-series but loved this movie. Lovely characters, beautiful score and typical type of story that would appeal to me.

Wait, that's the movie you were telling me about? That doesn't sound too bad. Actually, your description makes it sound interesting.