Your Sport...


No arguing... with me mentioning Football on the shoutbox, this can get ugly between the English and the Americans, so I'll say again, no arguing.

Just post up your sport... and what you like about it...

Mine... Billiards and Cue Sports.

I'll play anything that uses a cue, English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, Bar Billiards, Carom... it doesn't matter...

... if it uses a cue... I'm in.

I currently play at County Level (semo pro), Interleague (semi pro) and in many tournaments (semi pro) and for two different teams too...

... So , what's your sport?

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What do u mean by semi pro?

Pool leagues are commen as heck over here. I've been to vegas a couple of times. Never considered playing in tournies semi-pro though.
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Mine... Billiards and Cue Sports.

I'll play anything that uses a cue, English Pool, American Pool, Snooker, Bar Billiards,

... So , what's your sport?
I still play at pubs, though when I was young...about 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 I went to a snooker hall, pool hall. There was about 10 snooker tables & about 6 pool tables. A good mate of mine, he was really good! Then when we where 18, we played in comps! $100 a win, runner up? A case of beer. I won probably 3 times. Where I moved too, there was a lot of pool comps...Balmain.

"So , what's your sport?" Rubgy League, Boxing....I just train now.
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Have you played Kelly Pool with mates? lol! I have with bad conscientiousness! lol!

General Rules of Kelly Pool

Kelly Pool, also known as "Pea Pool" is played with two to fifteen players. It is played with a set of sixteen balls, one cue ball and fifteen colored balls numbered one through fifteen. The person designated as the table marker throws a numbered token known as an "alley" to each intending player for their rotation in playing. When all names are taken down, the alleys are returned and the pool money is collected. The marker then throws an alley to each player in the same order as marked in their record keeping book. The alleys are then placed in the box according to playing order. For example, the 1st player's alley in no 1 spot, the 2nd player's alley in number two spot and so on. The first player commences play by breaking the rack, following the "Opening Break" regulations of General Pocket Billiards. The cue ball must strike one cushion before coming in contact with object balls. The first player to pocket the ball on the table with the number corresponding to their alley wins the pool of cash and the game is over. A player may pocket any ball on the table other than the cue ball, and may continue their play until they either miss pocketing a ball or play a foul shot. Should a player pocket a ball other then their own, but one of which no player has the corresponding alley, that player gains nothing but is able to continue their inning. If another player has the alley corresponding to the ball pocketed, than they must pay the shooting player "half pool." For example, if the ante is ten cents, the player owning the alley corresponding to the ball that has been pocketed by another player, they must pay that shooting player five cents. The paying player would still take turns as normal when it comes around, however, any ball, once in the pocket by fair shot, remains there and does not come back into play during the game. If a ball is pocketed on foul shot, then it is spotted on the pink spot, or if that is covered, it is spotted directly behind it and as close as possible to it. Immediately after a foul shot has been played, the next player begins their inning. If another player desires to join the game they may do so by paying double or triple the normal entrance ante. This amount is arbitrary, and is determined by current players. The new player takes the last alley thrown for position.

What do u mean by semi pro?

A lot of the guys that play in the leagues I'm in, earn a living at the sport through winning the comps or from having sponsors.
Put it this way, one team I play against has the World Champ, the world #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and so on, and half that team also play for England... just on one team.
Then there's a few other teams with world class players too. Last season we were playing Leicestershire, who have had the likes of Mark Selby play for them, some of their players are International as well.

I've entered the worlds and other tournaments but never really get very far, have entered smaller comps too but not in a while.
I stick to playing in leagues now, sunday and monday nights and play County and Interleague.

Shooting. Specifically IDPA, and USPSA.

I think the Aussie's are only one of a few nations that'd think Kakarot would've meant Field Hockey.

Just for PF, as I know he loves this kind of thing.
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Yet another negative rep from Powderfinger. Thanks. So it's fine that you can dish out all the 'poms' stuff towards British people, yet as soon as someone jokes about Australia, you give out negative reps...

I bowl. I suck at it, but I enjoy it. I go every Sunday and usually play 10 games each trip (the bowling alley offers $1 a game bowling on Sunday morning).

Yesterday I played ten games. Highest score was 163, lowest was 85. Like I said, I suck.

Also, my ego was not at all helped by the fact that the dude bowling in the next lane scored a 289.