Is There A Better Voyeuristic Movie Than "Peeping Tom"


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I see the director of Peeping Tom, Michael Powell, although he lived to 1990, didn't seem to make many films after 1960. He made "Age of Consent" in 1969 -- which sounds more provocative than it is, given that the "girl" in the plot having a "relationship" with James Mason (always good at playing a creep) was played by actress Helen Mirren, age 24 at the time -- though young enough looking to suggest a teenager?

I read how "Peeping Tom" killed his career, and I don't remember any movies after. Couldn't get into "Stairway to Heaven" (Matter of Life and Death)... I did see "Age of Consent" but didn't care for it, although I thought the scenery, few characters was enticing.

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Off the top of my head... I think Black Christmas is better than Peeping Tom.

A film I quite enjoyed that combines the subject matter with coming of age. "Just Looking" is a little-known film from Jason Alexander. Set in 1955 about a young lad's fascination about sex.

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As far as Hitchcock goes, I think Rear Window is more concerned with the subject than Psycho.
A film often called an indirect remake / ripoff of Rear Window, I remembered enjoying Disturbia a fair amount when it was first released.

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I liked...
[2021] The Voyeurs (1h56)
[1984] Body Double (1h54)
Peeping Tom was on the boring side for me, but great color and vintage vibes.

All of these I've tagged having a small or large element of voyeurism...

[2021] The Voyeurs (1h56)
[2020] The Night Clerk (1h30)
[2014] Gemma Bovery (1h39)
[2014] Sex Tape (1h34)
[2014] The Best Offer (La Migliore Offerta) (2h14)
[2012] Dans la Maison (In the House) (1h45)
[2011] La Cara Oculta (The Hidden Face) (1h37)
[2011] Mientras Duermes (Sleep Tight) (1h42)
[2010] I Spit on Your Grave (1h48)
[2008] Paris (2h10)
[2002] Auto Focus (1h45)
[2000] Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien (With a Friend Like Harry…) (1h57)
[2000] Hollow Man (1h52)
[1999] American Beauty (2h02)
[1997] Addicted to Love (1h40)
[1997] Lolita (2h17)
[1990] Le Mari de la Coiffeuse (The Hairdresser's Husband) (1h22)
[1984] Body Double (1h54)
[1984] Crimes of Passion (1h47)
[1981] Porky's (1h34)
[1974] Caged Heat (1h23)
[1972] Sisters (1h33)
[1967] Belle de Jour (1h40)
[1960] Peeping Tom (aka Face of Fear) (1h41)