What are you listening to while you're MoFoin' it?


My brother told me that if you watch Kelsey Grammer in X-Men 3 and envision Beast as Frasier, the movie's a lot better. I have ascended with this mindset by imagining the singing voice of Eddie Murphy's music as Donkey.

Oh my god, I think I just discovered how to make country rap good. The two don't go together very well, but I realized there IS a common denominatior that is occasionally shared between hip hop and country on specific albums and through specific artists: gospel and soul. If you let those denominators drive both genres without steering to close into gospel and soul: boom. Dammit now I wanna make a county rap album nd I kinda wanna punch my own gut for it.

I love this song and the video absolutely stunning, the beauty and simplicity of it and ho it finishes you don't expect