Whatís this 80s movie?


I only saw the trailer, I was too young to watch the movie. It was an 80ís movie. I think it was about rival gangs. In the trailer a guy in a long coat is walking and flips open a butterfly knife. It is NOT Streets Of Fire.

I know itís not much to go on but itís been driving my crazy for months now.
It seems like there was a build up to a big gang fight. In the trailer this dude in a trench coat is walking toward the fight he is either in front of or behind a fence and he flips the knife open. There may have been 3 or 4 guys walking together. It was like the last scene of the trailer.

Not exactly how you describe it but Tuff Turf is in the ballpark-

That one keeps coming up in all my searches but itís not it. But Iím definitely watching that one now. IIRC it was more about gangs or groups of boys not an individual. I think the guy in the trailer was blonde.

Another name of a butterfly is a balisong.

Here's a website dedicated to that knife with one page listing movies involving it.
Thanks. Iíve been all over that site already and others like it.

Also a knife in the trailer for Rumble Fish-
Nope, not it. Thanks

The guy is holding the knife down low when he flips it open, about waist level.

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There's no chance it's from Falling Down (1993) is it?

Trailer has a gangbanger using a butterfly knife:

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No, not China Girl. Thanks

The Warriors was what I was thinking at first but it doesnít fit the timeline. I may have to watch It to be sure but the movie Iím thinking of was on cable in the early to mid 80s.