This is a show made for people who drive pick up trucks made by people who hate people who drive pick up trucks.

The guy from Supernatural is not even the star of his own pilot. That would be his partner who is smarter and more capable, a reluctant Mexican-American female war vet who has joined the Rangers despite her mixed feelings about the promise of America. She's stuck being Walker's nanny. By her own account, "one of the first women of color, ever" which she has to inform remind her African American boyfriend (underwear model pretending to be an Army medic) is of utmost importance.

Filled pop-military jargon and platitudes and poorly crafted "family issues." The music all feels like temp-track stock music plugged in to roughly signal the emotional state that we're supposed to be feeling. Are these shows written by actual human beings with life experience in anything? This isn't just bad, it's baffling.