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The Shining

Heeeere's my review!
Another near masterpiece by Kubrick. I was enthralled from the very start. For being over 140 min, I didn't feel it at all. This is one of those movies that leaves so many questions unanswered, but it's ok! It's what makes it appealing. I don't give a **** about Stephen King's opinion because director's should be able to take liberties to make their best work. The one thing I didn't like was the character of Wendy. I think if she's going to be the "good guy" or the "sane" one, she should have some likeablility.
This has made me want to look into The Shining so much more. It almost has a Lynch feel, but way better than any of his movies.
I'll be watching Room 237 soon and post about that as well as going to see Nightcrawler at some point this weekend!

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The Purge (2013)

Well, the premise had lot of potential but it could be a lot better executed... There are some good elements, like the jealous neighbours or the crazy boyfriend but in general this is not good!

I couldn't get passed the premise because it's so fundamentally flawed. I know that goes against what I've said about movies before, but that one I couldn't get passed.

Not that the contents of the movie were close to being good enough to make me want to.

I liked "The Purge". It was a perfect society, where crime only happened for 12 hours, once a year. It shows us how people can be deceptive. They hide their true feelings until that one moment when it boils down and causes havoc.

I enjoyed the ending scene the most.

Room 237

"Itís pure gibberish." -Leon Vitali
I love conspiracy theories. They have always intrigued me to a great degree. That's the only reason I'm rating this at a 5/10. Half of me loves the idea of the theories, but the other half knows how ludacris and farfetched these ideas are. For example the typewriter. It was a german typewriter so there must be a nazi connection! ********. That was Kubrick's typewriter, plain and simple. Some of the theories are very well constructed. For example the impossible window because you can actually map the hotel and see it wasn't possible. Some are way out of left field and have been developed from an over-analysis. Leon Vitali, Kubrick's head assistant even came out to state how stupid some of these ideas are. And you can tell which ones he's talking about. At one point it would have my attention and doing further research, and other points I would be daydreaming because of the absurdity.

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The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

One of those huge faults I had now corrected! What a great great movie! Anthony Hopkins delivers one of the most creeping performances I remember seeing (maybe only Jack Nicholson can compare)! Thrilling from the beggining till the end with great writing!


Had a good setup and nice thrills but didn't really wow me. I did like during the climax the terrain was made to look just as dangerous as the rednecks as most man vs. man films just the enemy is made to look dangerous.

Wow. That was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen in my WHOLE LIFE! I laughed so much at every joke and Jim Carrey was wonderful! He is now officially one of my favorites actors and the plot was a wonderful satire! I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH!!!!! THERE ARE SO MANY FUNNY MOMENTS I CAN'T COUNT THEM! I won't list them here because if you haven't seen this movie yet, you must.

I'll give this movie a proud

It is now in my top three favorite comedies along Airplane! and City Lights.

Along with Exit Through The Gift Shop, the most entertaining documentary I have ever seen. Besides being immensely entertaining it even manages to pack a little emotional punch despite having zero stakes. Plus it uses a my favorite song from Karate Kid, so bonus points for that.

The House of the Devil (2009)

Very slowly builds creepy tension but I never got the wow factor I was hoping for. Very good overall and I would recommend to horror fans.

Squeezed in a couple of more spooky movies before Halloween is over. The first was
House of Dark Shadows (1970), of course based on the television horror soap. Like many kids, I watched as many as I could after school every day for years. But I loved the movie even more. They were allowed to go further without the constraints of TV, giving us gore and violence that the series could even really hint at. Jonathan Frid is back as Barnabas Collins, his hundreds-year-old vampire who is freed from his coffin prison to wreck havoc on his own family. Pretty terrific stuff.

Next up was the first sequel or next in the series of Christopher Lee Dracula movies, Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966). It begins with footage of the finale of Horror of Dracula (1958), Lee's debut as the Count. It shows his battle with vampire hunter Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) and the Count's defeat. But, with successful box office comes the inevitable next film. And this one is pretty smashing fun. Two couples are traveling the countryside of a place called Karlsbad. Of course they eventually wind up in Dracula's castle, and one of the men of the two couples unwillingly partakes in the resurrection of Dracula. Dracula sets his site on one of the women and the chase is on. Good entry in the Hammer series, with Barbara Shelley and Andrew Keir appearing together a year before they played together again in Five Million Years to Earth, also known by its alternate title Quatermass and the Pit. The ending, with the way Dracula is defeated (till the next film, natch) is aces.

The last one I've watched is not a horror film, but a comedy called Ride Along (2014), which is billed as a comedy, but there is more action and serious moments, IMO, than funny stuff. It's a buddy-cop type of film, with only Ice Cube being an actual cop in the movie. Kevin Hart is his brother-in-law to-be who wants to be a cop more than anything. Ice Cube doesn't like Hart and thinks he doesn't deserve to marry Cube's sister. So he takes him on the ride-along of the title, intending to humiliate him into giving up on being a cop and marrying his sister. Needless to say, Cube's plans don't go as he would have liked. While not laugh out loud hilarious, this is a fun movie, with lots of action. It moves along at a very fast pace. You may have seen a lot of movies similar to this one, but it's worth watching. I don't know how this did at the box office but it has sequel written all over it.

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The score is amazing, the acting is decent but it's not the greatest film I've ever seen. The film felt very slow and it was kinda boring. The characters aren't anything special either. Not the worst I've ever seen but I've seen better.


Repulsion (1965)

I feel like I may be underrating it right now because it felt slow moving, and I needed a little patience. Ultimately, it's effective and well done. I think I will regard it more highly looking back.

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - 8.5/10

I understand why people would esteem this higher than For a Few Dollars More - an incredibly more epic scope, a three-way struggle for a fortune in gold, three incredibly well-rendered and written characters and what are hands down the best quality, most memorable and most evocative Civil War scenes that I have ever seen - I cannot help but find it lacking when compared to the trilogy's middle installment. I love longer movies, but this one tended to drag: over-using its Civil War setting and dragging out the betrayals / side changes / exchanges between the three gunmen (I personally think that Angel Eyes should have been killed when Eastwood betrayed him at the town and that the movie should have been trimmed down to 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 hours.). Still, it's a great movie overall and my second favorite Western.

Halloween (1978) - 10/10

Starting off my Halloween movie marathon was the best of the franchise (which I did a full review for in the Unreality article linked in my signature). It is hands down the best directed horror film that I've ever seen, between the brilliantly executed tracking shots, the presentation of Michael as Lorri's dream lover (and the unintended implication of incest that that entails), the way in which Carpenter transforms an otherwise passive audience into the killer activing stalking and dispatching his victims and the implication of Meyers' sexual impotence (or, rather, inability to understand his sexual feelings in a healthy and constructive way). It's likewise amazing how it can set the tone for what modern horror films should look, feel and sound like while simultaneously not looking, feeling or sounding very much like how contemporary horror films do (relatively little violence, no gore, non-emphasized killings, little non-diegetic music, excessively long shots in the place of rapid intercutting, etc...). This is a genuine masterpiece of film, let alone its genre.

Halloween II - 1/10

So Family Video mis-labellled the remake and shelved it as the original, meaning that this was not the marathon that I had intended. But we soldiered through it anyway, because "Halloween." As expected, it was a shambling mess of a film, obviously oblivious to the fact that Michael Meyers is not, in fact, Jason Vorhees. The violence was needlessly gratuitous (and I don't mind this sort of thing normally): completely out of character for its antagonist's extremities and distracting from what would otherwise pass for the films plot. The Freudian framework did not work in the least and, like the later seasons of Family Guy, seems intent on keeping every single character from being even remotely likeable.

Halloween III - 5/10

This was actually a lot better and a lot more interesting than a Michael Meyers-less Halloween film would imply. I give it props for that, to be sure. Overall, though, I felt that it was trying to do much: robots, Stepford Wives-styled replacements, witchcraft, technology and a malevolant conspiracy. It should have stuck to the core of its plot and develop it in greater detail. Still, this was a servicably good horror film that desperately tried to do something interesting, making me wish that they had kept with the idea of Halloween as an anthology series that would focus on a different, unrelated horror tale with each new installment.
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Excision (2012)

When first meeting the main character, I thought she was going to be the stereotypical high school girl who is shy and withdrawn. Instead, she is weirdly confident and aggressive. She is tormented at school to an extent, but she gives it right back and it's a refreshing change. Her home life is stereotypical, with the bitch mom, the dad who seems to want to just get through the day, and the loving sister, but it's done very well. The dynamics at play in her home and school life are what draws us into the horror part of the movie. That and the performances are what lifts the movie up to an above average horror/dark comedy. In a movie like this, you always know you're going to get the sick stuff, but it's what surrounds it that determines how successful the final product is. I echo jiraffe's and Swan's recommendations, and it's the 3rd good horror recommendation I've gotten here in the last few days after The Woman and House of the Devil.

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Das Leben der Anderen a.k.a. The Lives of Others (2006)

This is something Hollywood can't produce! This has the German soul! Such honesty and simplicity always focusing what really matters - the human condition!

An amazing soundtrack with some simple but really effective moments, great acting and great pacing!

It begins as a political movie, set in East Germany during the Iron Curtain period... However it goes much deeper than that! It's a story about freedom, about right and wrong, about love to the art and about change! Touching!