Movie You're Watching Tonight


I started watching The Quiz Lady before I left for works. I got 30 minutes in and I was howling. So funny! Can't wait to see the rest of it tonight.

Beating this poster by 10 days.

Hmm. On the whole, I enjoyed it. Absolutely nothing new about it, but then, I didn’t expect any of that, so fine by me. Nothing much. Great music.

Woke up and the wife was watching The Deep.
Holds our interest but predictable and at times campy.
"A disposable thriller" Critics

Robert Shaw in his usual character.
Eli Wallach always adds a good presence to a cast.

Then a cartoon to finish it off:

Researched films showing (or attempting to show) WWI and WWII from the German POV. I guess Leni Riefenstahl is next up.
From the “German POV”? Would love to be enlightened as to that. NOT.
I’m here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. That’s why I’m here now.

From the “German POV”? Would love to be enlightened as to that. NOT.
Well, that was my mother’s phrasing. She’s clearly a bit stuck on the WWII business, I guess it’s the geopolitics. If anything, I was initially trying to find something about WWI/the pre-WWI period from the German POV, but the 4-hour Bismarck biopic seemed a bit much.

Actually, it was really interesting. I find propaganda fascinating both now and then, definitely something worth seeing. I think if more people watched that kind of thing, there would be more wisdom going around, broadly speaking. Been meaning to see Riefenstahl ever since I read Feuchtwanger’s ‘The Lautensack Brothers’ decades ago, it has historical significance if nothing else.