Any NBA Basketball fans?


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Is Luka ever going to get any help?

Yeah, this idea that because they made the Western Finals last year, thinking they'll make the next step is ludicrous. You lose Brunson, but get Wood. I don't know why Cuban is wasting all these performances. Then again, he let Nash go to Phoenix because he didn't want to pay him, and other guys, which is odd, since he has a ton of money, and is actually at the games.

I like how resting players on a back to back is practically the rule now and not the exception. Feel bad for fans going to games to see their favorite player play only to see them rest for 'management' reasons.

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Wasn't this supposed to be to keep them healthy? Seems like everyone is always injured. I heard Gilbert Arenas say how current players won't admit it, but he said when he'd get fined 10k for being late for something, it would piss him off so much, that "The next time I sprain my ankle... 'Yeah, gonna need a couple more games to be right'" and then broke down his salary to show how they lost in the long run.

I haven't been to a game in years. When a friend of mine lived close to the arena, I might have gone to almost half the games but like you said, if I wanna go see Luka play, and he rests (which he did the first available time!), then the Eastern Conference fans have to wait another year for the possibility.

I only watch my home-team, and no other sport, so I'm kinda stuck, partly since the Pistons won a title right after I started watching. Toward the end, I didn't even bother to pause, which I would before, because I want to see all those little details, especially how guys play when they're down 30; character-wise, mostly. When the Pistons play hard, they win. Defense/offense is such a chicken/egg thing.. If you can't defend, you have to take the ball out with the opposing defenses set, and if you keep taking 3's, those bricks are going to be long misses, just asking for a fast break score. I miss a motion offense like the Kings played in the early 2000s. Their best passers were all big men - Webber, Divac, Brad Miller.

And the refs with all these fckin reviews.... driving me nuts, and that's when I usually get up and throw some food in the microwave, because the sound of that is better.

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Morant is out indefinitely. Brandon Clarke tore something and is out for the year. Adams is out for the regular season (at least)... KD might be out for the regular season. Lebron is out for the regular season and possibly the season. Etc, etc.. It stinks that "Inside the NBA" is going to do NCAA... There isn't a game on TNT for weeks - during the most important part of the regular season, but I could never get into the NCAA, despite trying, because I started watching the NBA in the late 80s, and it's very boring now, but I don't watch any other sport, and need something to stare at while my imagination runs amok, until it does grab my attention, usually the last few plays of a game, if it's not a 45-pt blowout.

Boston-Milwaukee might be the best match-ups. I'd support re-seeding once the regular season is over. The East is top-heavy, but only one can come out.. Why? This model is outdated. The guys don't drive 400 miles to a game anymore. They don't even fly commercial. Private, and they have everything... Technology, team chefs.

So much for load management.

Check out the Hornets game tomorrow, you might see someone you know 😏