Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


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Watching this tonight!
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I finally got to see this a few days ago and we really enjoyed it. I thought it was fantastic to see Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider Ham in a movie. Even tho I don't think that was his name in the flick cuz this was a Sony Marvel movie and I'm guessing the actual Peter Porker is still controlled by the big Marvel Daddy. Good stuff. I think in the long run I will watch Incredibles 2 over and over again but this was worth an Oscar. If not just so more people see a what a good cartoon can look like. And this one is quite good.
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theres gonna be a 2nd, it hasnt confirmed the date yet
https://youtu.be/M-7QBR6hugc Wanda Maximoff-Scarlet Witch -Elizabeth Olsen
https://youtu.be/78oLEoy5Npo Natasha Romanoff-Black Widow-Scarlett Johansson
https://youtu.be/0LXhnd-CMrQ Agatha Harkness-Kathryn Hahn
https://youtu.be/4E880wNeB2g Yelena Belova-
Florence Pugh
https://youtu.be/V8BhIsWTGUI Clint Barton-Hawkeye-Jeremy Renner
https://youtu.be/wX7VibqBUrk Loki Lufeyson-Tom Hiddleston

This might just do nobody any good.
And a Spider-Gwen spin-off. John Mulaney’s also pitched a Spider-Ham solo movie which he described as “All the President’s Men for kids” and they absolutely need to take him up on it.