Viking, Roman, Slave rebellion and or similar


Hello All, I have a scene or episode playing in my mind that I cannot place at all. My husband and I watch everything together and he hasn't a clue what I'm talking about! I think it's a show, something along the lines of Spartacus, Vikings and the like, we've pretty much seen them all. There's a young man looking for his sister after his city has been attacked and taken over by Romans, Vikings or escaped slaves. His sister has been captured by them and they have repeatedly raped her, kept her in some kind of cupboard and she is in a pretty bad state. A guy comes into the city pretending to be on the side of the aggressors but he is on the opposing team. He is offered time with the girl who basically asks him to have mercy and just kill her even though he says he will save her. It's just all been too much and she wants to die He does as she asks much to the annoyance of the rebels. It's in English. I think I watched it about 5/6 years ago but could be wrong. Had Radiotherapy last year for a brain tumour so could have just made the whole thing up It happens!! Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks for your time x

Wow really?! I went through an episode guide for the show and was convinced it wasn't what I was looking for and the hubby said it wasn't, said he remembers nothing at all like I described! I will look into it further. Just glad I didn't dream it. Thanks very much x

Reading as we speak x

Spartacus - This is an episode in which the side that we’re arguably meant to be rooting for are revealed to have strung up a woman to be repeatedly raped and those that do so cut her to leave a mark when they’re finished. It’s seriously bleak stuff, and there’s no respite from that tone in the Roman camp.
Todd Lasance’s performance is very strong, particularly in the scene he shares with the young woman that has been brutally assaulted by Spartacus’s men.
Thanks again Cryptic x