The Resident Bitch's Movie Log - Volume 2

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After witnessing your public evisceration of The Matrix, I started a petition to have you removed from the forum. Apparently people actually like you on here (go figure!), so gathering signatures has been a difficult endeavor.

I wouldn't mind revisiting The Good, the Bad, the Weird before its inevitable appearance on the countdown. I found the movie exuberantly entertaining, but I can no longer recall many specifics. That's a shame about the animal abuse. I often feel bad for horses in westerns, especially during battle sequences where stuntmen pretend to take a bullet and jerk their horses to the ground. Usually the horses land on their side and immediately return to their feet, but sometimes they take awkward falls on their neck on rocky hillsides. I'm sure serious injuries are rare, but it's still gotta be painful for the animal. I recently watched Connery's last appearance as James Bond in Never Say Never Again, and there's an infamous stunt involving a horse falling from a large distance onto its back in the ocean. We later see the horse swimming away (assuming it's the same horse), and I'm sure the animal was fine, but while watching it, I thought to myself, "Man, that had to be highly traumatic for that poor horse." Hopefully it was a one-take deal.

The Last Picture Show is a borderline top-ten favorite, so it's been disappointing to read so many lackluster responses to it in the HOF. At least you and others have been fair in your assessment, praising the movie's strengths despite its themes not resonating with most of you personally. As for some of the other nominees, I'd argue that the emptiness of the MC in Blue Ruin and the unsatisfying vengeance is entirely the point. I'd never heard of Queen of Hearts or Shine, but the reviews have piqued my curiosity. I didn't quite love Mildred Pierce, but I thought it was very good and it's stuck with me pretty well. I'm losing hope that you're ever going to jive with the acting style of Old Hollywood. I, Daniel Blake was well acted and its intentions were noble, but it was all a little too obvious for me, muting the emotional impact of its tragedy. Looks like it might've been a . . mistake . . . to nominate State of Siege.

Jojo Rabbit (Taika Waititi, 2019)

Date Watched: 06/20/2020
Cinema or Home: Home
Reason For Watching: I felt like it
Rewatch: No

This film views to me like what would happen if Wes Anderson actually knew how to write people and made a film about something that actually matters. I donít think Iíve ever seen any of Waititiís other films, but if this one is any indication of his work then heís definitely someone Iím interested in seeing more from.

JoJo Rabbit is full of quirky characters that inhabit a bright, colorful world that pops off the screen. Its coming-of-age tale is whimsical and funny. It very much views like a Nazi Germany version of Moonrise Kingdom (only good. Did I mention I donít like Wes Anderson? Yeah, I donít like Wes Anderson), but it never forgets that itís a Holocaust movie. And it never lets the viewer forget it either and the laughs are interspersed with moments of terrible sadness.

Itís a truly unique and memorable film and though I donít love it now I think I very well could given time and rewatches.

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
Glad to hear you enjoyed Jojo Rabbit. I was a big fan of it. And if you're interested in checking out more of Taika Waititi's work I'd definitely suggest the delightful Hunt for the Wilderpeople as your first stop

Mad Max: Fury Road (George Miller, 2015)

Date Watched: 06/26/2020
Cinema or Home: Home
Reason For Watching: I felt like it
Rewatch: Yes

Mad Max: Fury Road doesn't have a complex plot or particularly complex characters. It's not really all that interested in letting you know who these people really are deep down or in teaching you any lessons in morality or philosophy. This is not a film of great substance.

But with all that heart-pounding, nitro-boosted action, those crazy looking cars, crazy looking costumes, insane stunts, ridiculous dialogue, and that sexy motherf***er Tom Hardy, I don't give a damn. This is pure number one alpha prime entertainment.