MoFo Fantasy Football 2019 - The Regular Season


Thanks guys. Really appreciate you playing as expected after I'm eliminated:

Can't say I'm surprised, midseason I tried to shift hard into preparing for the playoffs, and it nearly worked, but was sabotaged by donnie pulling out those improbable wins down the stretch. I knew I wasn't gonna get a high seed but I figured it might be the single best team in the playoffs anyway, and if I were actually in this thing this would be the third-highest playoff total in league history (apparently I have the top two, which I didn't realize/had forgotten).

Meanwhile, Spaulding got a few trickles of points from his 4:00 players, and that might be all he needs. A Michael Thomas explosion can still win it for PW, but that's what it's gonna take now.

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Elliott has been good all year for me at least.

Of course, I'm eliminated already but looking like I'll have highest points in my fantasy league this week.

Oh, I'm definitely pleased overall, he's literally only had one week you could call genuinely disappointing. But about half his games have been below 15 points, which is to say he was good-not-great most weeks. More specifically, watching these games unfold in real time, he left a lot of points on the table given how many scoring opportunities he had. There were a few "empty" games in there where he has like 130 total yards for 15 points, or something. Probably tied to Dak's big year.

For better or worse, FF seems to be more and more about those guys who win weeks by themselves. I'll still roll with a guy like EE in the first round, but I admit, I thought he'd be a bail-you-out kinda guy a few times, as opposed to just reallllyyy steady.

His end-year numbers are gonna look stellar again though, with four TDs in the last two weeks.

And now we've got the number: Michael Thomas needs 26 points for PW to play on. He's hit that total exactly once, and he's come close to it twice. He's come within five of it four times though, in a single four-game stretch.

That Tannehill thing is huge now. Assuming Spaulding didn't roll with someone entirely different and just kept playing Carr, that'd be an 11-point downgrade right now, which means Thomas would only need to top 15, something he's done like 70% of the time this season.

I could have made it closer if I had changed my roster a little bit but after the Ravens game I just went with the straight forward approach. I am pretty sure there was nothing I could do to score enough to win. 2 players by themselves scoring about 80 points will definitely win most weeks. I was hoping to make it a little closer though but oh well I really enjoyed the season and the few moves I did make did pay off for the most part. Thanks for a great year everyone, no complaints here.
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And now we've got the number: Michael Thomas needs 26 points for PW to play on. He's hit that total exactly once, and he's come close to it twice. He's come within five of it four times though, in a single four-game stretch.
It's comforting to see that he's only eclipsed that number once this season. Much less comforting to see that he comes close to that number seemingly every week now. Gonna be a stressful Monday night.

I think Cook has to be the most successful first round pick, other than McCaffrey.

McCaffrey's a good example of the way the game is changing, though. Just at a glance it's like, okay, he's first, Cook is second, Jones third, EE fourth. But just looking at points, McCaffrey is way ahead of everyone else. I'd say he's in his own tier, but it's more like he's two tiers ahead of everyone. He's got 100 more points than the guy in second in our format.

Historically I've liked safe players, and I still mostly do, but the highs of the explosive games are so much higher now that it presents some interesting strategic/value questions.

Starting to suspect that @Powdered Water is secretly Colts HC Frank Reich with the way the team is no-showing tonight.

Now that Brees has the touchdown record, hopefully he doesn't attempt another pass the rest of the night. Only chance I have at this point. Michael Thomas makes one more catch and it's over for me.

Holy crap, that was dramatic, although the margin of victory is so small that I won't breathe a sigh of relief until after stat corrections come out.

Did they bench him or something?
The Saints had such a commanding lead that they barely passed anymore. I said in that post that if Michael Thomas had one more catch, @Powdered Water would win. Well, Thomas did have one more catch, but luckily it was at the line of scrimmage and went for minus one yard. I don't think Brees attempted another pass after that, as it made him 29 of 30 to set the new record for best completion percentage in a game. The Saints then just ran the ball every play to put the game on ice.

They definitely kept passing a bit: after he was within 1 he threw that last TD pass, IIRC, but I guess he was done throwing to Thomas.

That's pretty insane...

Adam's score is the 6th-highest in playoff history.

If we'd gotten matched up, it'd have been the 4th-highest combined score matchup of any kind.

Top scorer hasn't also been champion since 2014, but Adam's got a chance to align those two things next week.

I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't whine a little about the Berriman dart throw. Not because it was a bad call or anything. Obviously it worked out. No, I'm whining because I feel like when I try a move like that it rarely works for me. Boo hoo... Oh well, maybe next year. Congrats Cap'n. I hope you get blasted in final!
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A fair response. We've all been there.

Don't forget to yell about the incredibly specific circumstances under which it made any sense for me to drop Tannehill, too. You really have no shortage of options here.