Movie Poster a Day with JayDee


Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 11th

At #69 (69 dudes!!!) we had the 60s classic, The Time Machine. To represent it I've once again turned to the great French artist Roger Soubie. While the design is similar to that featured on several posters for the film's release what really makes this poster for me are the bold colours that Soubie once again utilises.

The Time Machine
(1960, d. George Pal / Poster Origin - France / Artist - Roger Soubie)

At #68 - 68 dudes!!! (that one doesn't really work does it?). Anyway at #68 was a true classic, not some pretender like The Time Machine. I give you Demolition Man!

Demolition Man
(1993, d. Marco Brambilla / Artist - Vance Kelly)

"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 12th

As I believe the band The Offspring warned us, the kids aren't alright. And that's definitely the case for the kids in Battle Royale, the film that finished at #67 on the list

Battle Royale
(2000, d. Kinji Fukasaku / Artist - Rafa Alvarez)

For the 66th film on the list there were two ways I could have gone. I could have gone with a beautiful looking print or I could have gone with a poster that prioritised concept. In the end I went with the latter. It's just a little bit of history repeating

Edge of Tomorrow
(2014, d. Doug Liman / Artist - Joel Amat Guell)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 13th

Not seen this film myself so I don't know how well this poster represents it but I did think was a rather lovely bit of art. #64

Ghost in the Shell
(1995, d. Mamoru Oshii / Artist - Martin Ansin)

And here's another lovely bit of illustration for the film that placed #62 on the list

The Avengers

(2012, d. Joss Whedon / Artist - Paul Shipper)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 14th

For today we've got a pair of double bills. First up is the film that placed 61st on the list, Men in Black. And to represent it we have this matching pair of posters; their bold, dynamic design an apt representation of the film's fun and lively nature.

Men in Black
(1997, d. Barry Sonnenfeld / Artist - Ladislas Chachignot)

At #60 we have what I believe is the most modern film to make the list - The Martian. The reason I've gone for two posters here is that I just couldn't resist the first poster. Matt Damon!

The Martian

(2015, d. Ridley Scott)

The Martian

(2015, d. Ridley Scott / Artist - Oliver Barrett)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 15th

I'm going to go a bit out of order today in order to group two films together; both versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers that have made the list. At #58 we had the far, far superior (isn't that right HK? ) 1978 version from Philip Kaufman. Quite a cool, creepy poster showing the pod and its vines forming a sternum and ribs; alluding to the replacement bodies that are grown in the film.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

(1978, d. Philip Kaufman)

Then, inexplicably finishing 12 places ahead of it, we had the 1956 version at #46. Very nice poster though

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
(1956, d. Don Siegel / Artist - Tom Whalen)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 16th

#57 on the list - Ghostbusters


(1984, d. Ivan Reitman / Artist - Robert Bruno)

#55 on the list - Akira

(1988, d. Katsuhiro Otomo / Artist - Alexander Laccarino)

Peace. Love. Attack hug!
Woops- The Sound of Music, then I disappeared for a few weeks! But just in time for Ghostbusters! Woo hoo!

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 17th

A couple of real cult films today and in an unplanned move both posters were actually created by the same man. Up first is Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi satire, Starship Troopers . Very surprisingly there is almost nothing out there for this film in terms of fan or artist-made posters. Pretty much the only option was this -

Starship Troopers
(1997, d. Paul Verhoeven / Artist - Kilian Eng)

And up second we have David Cronenberg's Videodrome; just one of the director's many explorations into mindf*ckery. With this poster by Kilian Eng being suitably twisted and f*cked up in design

(1983, d. David Cronenberg / Artist - Kilian Eng)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 18th

I was struggling to find something I really liked for Gattaca when I stumbled across this effort which I think looks rather lovely.

(1997, d. Andrew Niccol / Artist - Greg Ruth)

There's actually a whole lot of material for The Iron Giant out there and I was struggling to pick between several different prints. In the end I've returned to one of this thread's old friends (Laurent Durieux) for this poster with its beautiful illustrations and gorgeous colours.

The Iron Giant
(1999, d. Brad Bird / Artist - Laurent Durieux)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 19th

Of the original Star Wars trilogy, Return of the Jedi is definitely the black sheep when it comes to the amount of posters out there. Of the very few options I randomly plumped for this one

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi
(1983, d. Richard Marquand / Artist - Juan Esteban Rodriguez)

Following Escape from New York, the second John Carpenter film to make the list was his terrifically fun action-satire, They Live.

They Live
(1988, d. John Carpenter / Artist - Patrick Connan)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 21st

Missed yesterday as was pushed for time and am again so just a quick double bill then I'm off

(2014, d. Christopher Nolan / Artist - Rich Davies)

Back to the Future Part II

(1989, d. Robert Zemeckis / Artist - Matt Taylor)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 22nd

At #41 on the list we had Gravity. Now this poster is a little different but I rather love it. It takes the most modern, most cutting edge of movies and depicts it in the style of a really old-school, vintage film.

(2013, d. Alfonso Cuaron / Artist - Peter Stults)

And we enter the top 40 with the glorious spectacle that is Independence Day

Independence Day
(1996, d. Roland Emmerich / Artist - Chris Weston)

Miss Vicky's Loyal and Willing Slave
March 23th

I'm again going slightly out of order today so that I can make it a Miss Vicky Day. First up is #37 from the list, Mad Max: Fury Road. I've already featured a couple of posters for that particular film but there's still a whole lot of material out there to choose from. I like this one for the way it captures the constant motion, action and energy of the film

Mad Max: Fury Road
(2016, d. George Miller / Artist - Jae Lee)

Then leap-frogging a few films we jump to 34th place on the list and the gaudy, lavish spectacle that is Luc Besson's Fifth Element; with this poster capturing one of it's most iconic moments.

The Fifth Element
(1997, d. Luc Besson / Artist - Kevin M Wilson (aka Ape Meets Girl))