The Bourne Legacy


Are you guys looking forward to this movie?
I loved the first 3, i'm withholding my excitement until i see some reviews..if it's getting a positive vibe i'm going start to get giddy.

How do you think Renner is going do? I think he will be fantastic.

If they can keep these movies going strong i'd absolutely love a Renner and Damon Bourne together.
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I will see it, though I'm a bit outraged that Matt isn't playing in it!

It has to be good or I'll bad every day here and people I know, put it that way!

The movie sounds and looks interesting, can't wait to see it in Imax.

"Jason Bounce is in Manhattan, Confirm."


"That is all I have, got to go!"

Kind of put off by no Damon, but I suppose I'll give the movie a try.

I went to an Industry screening tonight.

The two highlights of the film: 1) Jeremy Renner is fantastic. He is great at action and is a very fine actor. While Damon may have more natural charisma, I believe Renner to be a better actor.

2) The action scenes were numerous and well-done. The stunt coordinator for Bourne is very talented.

I do love reading reviews before really watching the movie. I love the first 3 movies of Bourne. I do think that Matt Damon is a great actor though I must say that Jeremy Renner is also great as far as his other movies that I've seen is concern. I am quite excited to see this movie but the reviews that i've read told me otherwise so I guess I'll just see it for myself
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Guys i have only seen Trailer of this Movies. If anyone watched this movie share your view about this Movie.

I know this movie will be great!! I am looking forward to it..and those shot on Asian country..

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hmmm reviews are not off to an enthusiastic start...kinda bummed now.
This. I'm gonna wait for DVD I think.

I was quite unenthusiastic when I heard there would be no Bourne and that hasn't changed.

I think Renner has done a few too many actiony roles recently, MI4, The Avengers and Bourne, should probably take on a different kind of role. Like when Angelina Jolie played "Wanted", "Salt" and "The Tourist all within a few years. Every time playing a Spy/Assassin type role.

Really don't like that he has switched between 2 similar franchises, Bourne and Mission Impossible. Imagine Daniel Craig playing a differnet Spy inbetween Bond movies.

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I actually have high expectation in this movie,the first - 3rd are really good. I watched it and a bit disappointed. The castings are just fine, perhaps its the story that I didn't like.