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Charlotte's Web
(Charles A. Nichols and Iwao Takamoto, 1973)

I've never been a fan of musicals, even as a child I wasn't much one for the genre but this particular movie has always stood out to me and I think it's a shame that I don't often hear people talk about it. I get that it doesn't have that same crisp, polished look as the offerings of Disney, nor are its colors as vibrant as those films, but I think it's immensely charming just the same.

I've always really liked the character designs, particularly those of Templeton the rat and Charlotte the spider, and I think the animators did a wonderful job of bringing E.B. White's classic children's novel to the screen. But what really stands out to me is the voice work. The casting is absolutely perfect and most surprising of all is that I truly love all of its songs. I don't think there's really a weak one in the bunch, though of course the show stopper for me has always been and will forever be Templeton's rendition of "Veritable Smorgasbord" (with the rat/goose duet version of the song being a close second) and really Templeton totally steals the show in every scene where he appears. I do like Wilbur the pig, but that self-centered, sarcastic rat is hilarious and is totally my spirit animal. The character is also partly responsible for my near lifelong love of pet rats, though I no longer keep them.

While I acknowledge that much of my love for this movie is based in nostalgia, I do I think it's a genuinely wonderful movie and I really, really hope it sneaks onto the countdown.

Has no one seen the original horror movie Little Shop of Horrors?

It's weird, which is why I like it. It's far more wacky/zany than the 1986 version, and Audrey 2 is an extremely basic puppet. It's still worth a watch, for Jack Nicholson's scene stealing performance, alone.

I wasn't going to participate unless something showed up that's already on my watchlist due to time issues. Going to try to watch Charlotte's Web because it's on my list of contenders but I haven't seen it in a very long time.

Itís A Classic Rope-A-Dope
Saw this one in school many years agoÖreally, not that long ago

I may skip this one since I have already seen it. You all enjoy.

I've seen the 2000's version, but I haven't yet seen the 1973 version. I'll watch it tomorrow.
I was really hoping to love that version since I love the animated one so much and also liked the book as a child, plus I like Steve Buscemi (voice of Templeton in that version), but I was really disappointed with it.

I like the 2000's version too. It's been a long time since I saw it and an even longer time since I saw the 73 version, but I love the book and the whole story, so it's all good for me.
5-time MoFo Award winner.

I watched Charlotte's Web today. I liked the animation and the characters. I thought the voice acting was effective and the songs were alright, but none of them were overly memorable to me. Personally, I like the 2006 live action version better, although this one was cute too. I am pretty sure I saw this years ago and didn't remember much, so it was nice to revisti it.

The animated Charlotte's Web was very good, and extremely heart wrenching at the end. Charlotte's last song nearly ended me. 😭

Most of the songs are forgettable, beside that one and Rat's paradise, but it's a very good adaptation of a surprisingly deep and existential story.

I give it a (roughly translates to 4/5)

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) was one of my favorite movies growing up, and it still is now. Thanks to the amazing puppetry and timeless comedy, it aged really well.

The songs are amazing too, even if my younger self didn't appreciate Somewhere That's Green (it's still a little weak, but important for giving Audrey 1 a chance to show her true self, a simple woman that just wants a pleasant suburban life with a happy family).

I recently found out that Audrey 2's final song was made for the movie, and wasn't in the original play. They should definitely all include it now, it's a great song. A chance for Audrey 2 to really cut loose and be a evil as they can be.

The ending is a bit mushy, but it's still the correct move, rather than the alternate ending, which is way too dark. I wish they could've put in the footage of the plants attacking the city though, even if it was just in Seymour's imagination.


I was really hoping to love that version since I love the animated one so much and also liked the book as a child, plus I like Steve Buscemi (voice of Templeton in that version), but I was really disappointed with it.
It's been way too long since I've seen it, but I remember enjoying it. My Mom is a fan of it though and she occasionally has it on tv, so I've caught bits and pieces of it over the years.

Charlotte's Web

This was a childhood favorite that I hadn't seen in about 40 years, while Charlotte's Web also happens to be one of the few books I've read in my life. When it first started during the minimal opening credits, a screenshot, like a flashback, told me I had been here before. There was something pleasantly familiar, but of course from there everything was new again. Loved it right away as I loved every character; who could not love Wilbur? I seek out and enjoy darker films, but animals are one of my true loves. It's a very positive film that makes the viewer feel good. Unlike most musicals I don't pray for the songs to end quickly. Henry Gibson sure seems like an out of the blue actor to make multiple appearances on one's musical ballot, yet that's where I am.

Trouble with a capital "T"

Charlotte's Web

I really enjoyed watching this one. It's such a heart felt story with lots of positivity. Yes it's bittersweet with Charlotte...but her story is handled so well. People often talk about being moved by a movie and yet the same movie doesn't emotionally reach me at all. Charlotte's Web did emotionally reach me and I was moved by the story. During the movie I paused it to take a bathroom break and my wife tells me there's a bug in the closet. I look and it's a little, light brownish spider, not unlike Charlotte. So I get a piece of paper and let the spider crawl onto the paper and I escort it outside as I never kill spiders. Call me silly but that coincidences felt just a little magical to me and that's thanks to the movie...Great choice.

Just finished Charlotte's Web. I don't know if it will make my ballot, but I liked it quite a bit and found its story quite moving. I enjoyed the depth given to some side characters, in addition to some humorous scenes here and there. A handful of the musical numbers stuck out as well, with the highlight being Veritable Smorgasbord (a large part of its appeal is likely due to the memorable visuals throughout it).

Oops! Sorry, got distracted by real life stuff. So enough of that nonsense, it's time for COMEDY TONIGHT!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966)

Starring the immortal Zero Mostel. A comedy set in a surprisingly grimy and believable ancient Rome. Nonstop zany madness, that despite it's dark undertones, never gets violent or grim. A smashing, great time.