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Black Box (2020)

This is actually much better than Iíd anticipated. No masterpiece to be sure, but quite well-made. Ending underwhelming, though.

Ripleyís Game (2002)
Meant to see this for some time, though Malkovich is no Ripley to me.

Also perplexed by this poster. I appreciate that with some old films (much older than 2002, Iím talking Ď60s), you could have slogans like ĎDavid Suchet is Hercule Poirotí, but this one makes little sense to me... Why 1st? We know itís not the first one. Unless itís some kind of Ďtí typo?

Also, coming as this does before Breaking Bad, the similarities are rather amusing, all the way to a reference to Ďhiding money under the sinkí.

Itís left me with an odd impression. Itís not bad, and I like the English-gangster-ness of it which goes hand in hand with Ray Winstone. But some bits definitely donít make much narrative, or maybe stylistic sense and donít add up. And god, am I tired of wives being portrayed as thought police (or just police). Also really not sure why going by the emotional logic of the narrative
WARNING: spoilers below
Jonathan would cover Ripley with his body. If itís just that heís dying anyway, Iím not sure thatís convincing

You just said John Malkovich isn't Tom Ripley. You can't get mad at the poster for disagreeing.

You just said John Malkovich isn't Tom Ripley. You can't get mad at the poster for disagreeing.
You seem to have nailed my issue with the film! Great stuff, actually, though I much prefer Dougray Scott in it.

Re: poster, Iíve recently accepted Iím insane. No one ever sees what Iím on about. Thatís totally cool.

Perhaps making you think he's Ripley is part of his "game."
Don't hate the player, etc.

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The most underrated Western.. Philosophical without being pedantic. Richard Brooks was underrated, but I think it all went downhill starting with "Looking For Mr. Goodbar"

("Buffalo '66" is in my Top 10... I might keep an eye on movies you like that I haven't seen)

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Rocco and His Brothers (1960)

If you liked this, check out Visconti's other great movies:
-La Tera Trema (if you like realism and family struggles)
-Bellissima (mother who tries to get her daughters in showbiz)

Anti Matter (2016)

This **** is great.
Reminds me quite a bit of Memento.
Watched it last night, and although I'm not too keen on writing a full review, the movie was not disappointing.

The story was a clever sci-fi of fashionable content: teleportation. It was a bit confusing, but I expect that it could have been more understandable if they had had a larger budget to add scenes, special effects, and possibly 1 or 2 actors.

I'm always leery of one guy being the writer and director (Keir Burrows in this case) because sometimes the director is so familiar with the material he forgets to make it more coherent.

Still, this is a commendable first feature for Burrows, which probably will guarantee him another project with better funding. This circumstance and sci-fi theme puts me in mind of director/writer Andrew Patterson with his high quality The Vast of Night: both new guys, both sci-fi films, both very good, although I preferred "Vast".

It was interesting how Burrows split apart one gal into two different entities: one more real, the other without mass, both incomplete on their own.

Good film suggestion. Cheers.

I am starting the series.....China Beach. (have never seen it)

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.