Greatest Bond Movie


Greatest Bond Movie .. what does everyone think .. id say either Octopussy, A View To a Kill, The Living Daylights or Goldeneye..
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Fun movie... and it's got one of my favorite Bond girls in it.


My favorite of the Connery era.

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And Connery=Best Bond.
Followed closely by Moore, in my opinion.

I'd put Octopussy and A View to a Kill up there as two of the very worst, in embarassing Moonraker territory. Egads.

Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and The Spy Who Loved Me are the best of the lot in my book.
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From Russia with Love
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The Spy who loved me
Live and Let Die

Even though it is pretty bad, I like watching For Your Eyes Only as well for some reason....
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Got to be Goldfinger, if only for the reason that it's got one of the best movie lines of all in time in it:

Bond : Do you expect me to talk
Goldfinger : No Mr Bond, I expect you to die
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You Only Live Twice was in my opinion the best bond film ever, i had never been a very big bond fan before but this movie really appealed to me.

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You Only Live Twice was the best, but Die Another Day is a close second, the best Brosnan film.

james bond stopped being cool about 25 years ago, so im not sure
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On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the best one. I like George Lazenby quite a bit, and to me he's kinda like the Cary Grantish prototype of the character in North by Northwest but could deal out the punches better than any of the other Bonds, like he was Lee Marvin or somethin'. Lazenby made the character real instead of entirely comic as the other actors did. Here he has emotion and all that stuff

Best score of all the films too and Telly Savalas is great as Blofeld.

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Dr No
From Russia with Love

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I would have to say that the greatest Bond movie was....:
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Goldeneye and The Living Daylights are my joint favourites, with Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice as close second's (you just can't beat a fat bloke being sucked out of a window).
The worst has to be Moonraker. I still can't get over the scene where they're trying to simulate weightlesness just by walking slowly.
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Even though it is pretty bad, I like watching For Your Eyes Only as well for some reason....
Me too.

I also particularly like Goldeneye.
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The last bond film I watched was Thunderball, yesterday. For your eyes only used to be my favourite few years ago, but after watching it too many times, it's now as good as the others.

It's hard to say which one is the best, 'cause they're all so great. But I would say, if it's old enough, It's good. I love all bond's that has been done before Brosnan. I have nothing against the actor, but the newest Bond's are just like any other action films, so couldn't be bothered to watch them so many times.

So, I can practically say that I love every Bond-movie. If I would watch one Bond film NOW, I would choose From Russian with Love, though.