Online movie viewing habits.


So how much do you guys watch movies online, for pay?
Other than Netflix and Amazon Prime which are subscription based, does anybody here actually pay to watch movies on Vimeo? independent movies? And how do you guys watch independent films if you do.

For myself, I've got netflix and The Movie Network in Canada, which is pretty good. But I've paid only a few times, either to watch the films of people I knew, or a documentary here and there that I was interested in. But I've never really paid for an indie feature film to which I had absolutely no association.

I'm interested in your answers.

online it's mostly netflix for me, but i've rented movies via amazon and youtube a couple of times as well.

the majority of my film-watching is still probably dvd though (from various libraries).

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I use Netflix and since a few weeks Mubi.
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Great Answers!. Thx

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On AppleTV, we'll buy a movie once in a while, maybe 4-5 times a year if we want to see something very current
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Either the Netflix app through my smart TV or on X-Box Video to watch a newly released film on DVD/Blu-ray that just hit stores. Or exclusively hits X-Box before hitting store shelves.

I have netflicks, hulu and amazon prime.. there are other sites I watch films from... sometimes if I really want to see a film.. I will actually pay the rental fee on Amazon Prime.. not all of the films are free to stream after you pay that $90 a year...

I have used Netflix for years. In my capacity as reviewer, some nice marketing departments will send me passwords for their secure uploads on Vimeo (which is the only time I ever use the blasted thing, I never buy anything on there) from time to time, but I get as many screeners directly on DVD in the post, especially smaller indies that need the exposure.

I usually connect my computer on the TV, so I watch anything on TV, if I have to watch something online. Rarely watch stuff on a computer screen (too uncomfortable).

Netflix/Hulu occasionally rent/buy from Google Play or Amazon. Have watched a few on Vimeo, namely Shattered Hopes.

No one else is really into movies at my house so i pretty much watch everything on my 7" tablet.

Also have converted a bunch of DVDs to MP4 which I also watch on the tablet. I do a lot of work in the garage and have an old tv hooked up to a Roku box. Watch old tv shows etc out there while i'm working on projects various and sundry.

Oh yeah, as for frequency, throughout the day, every day.

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I use streaming sites as well since most of the movies I want to watch are pretty indie or I have to buy them off Amazon Prime or Apple TV. I occasionally go to a swap meet tho near my place where I pick up a ton of films for a dollar a piece.
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