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I feel that Gary Oldman is one of the BEST actors we have today...and is it only me or do you feel that he his underated? he doesn't get paid much for one, and he gets all the sideline roles...he looks like a damn good leading guy, whatcha think?

I agree - Oldman is incredibly talented, especially as a bad guy. He was creepy as heck as Dracula, and was the only person who could fill the role of the Terrorist in Air Force One.

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Refresh my memory for a second...was he the bad guy in Speed and Water World?? If he's the guy you're talking about, then I agree, he's really talented as a bad guy! Another one for the Most Underrated Actor's post
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He was also the evil guy in The Fifth Element, and he plays a guy with no face in Hannibal.
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Aah yes, now I remember, why didn't you mention the Fifth Element in the first place? He's not a bad actor, though like I said I like Dennis Hopper more as the bad guy!

i think you are all forgeting his most promising acting role as the bad guy in the professional...and what about drexl in true romance now that was a performance..and he did wonderfuil work on murder in the first with christian slater

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Didn't see it.
I really like Gary Oldman also. I thought he was excellent in The Professional.
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you don't remember him in The Professional? oh my god. he was the blonde cop that was violently chasing them around!! the one popping pills and shooting innocent people? the ultimate bad guy, the crooked cop ...

he was a very similar character in Romeo is Bleeding ... with Lena Olin.

and he was wonderful in Immortal Beloved.

this guy has a great range and is indeed, up there among the great actors. but i like that he is not OVERrated - that he chooses what he wants and it's always great. never for money, stupidity, etc. even having done the 5th Element, he was wonderfully wacky in that one, it wasn't completely misplaced or pointless to have him in there. the fact that he isn't so well known kind of guarantees us that every time he is in something, it will be worth the watch and very good.

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The only part I remember from the Professional was when he was training. Specificly the part where he has to look in the fridge. Was this movie ever theatrically released? I remember seeing it late one night on hbo and just figured it was a made fot tv type movie. Maybe I'm thinking of a different movie.

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Actually I think I am thinking of a different movie, I think the one I'm thinking of was called The Assignment.'re exactly right...he chooses very wisely and that does make him a smart and brillant actor...but did you know that in a news headline a while back gary oldman himself said that he didn't feel like he was "that great" anymore he thought he "lost the touch" for his characters...he didn't like air force one..and didn't like lost in space either (which for lost in space i don't blame him:it sucked big tyme)

Cant talk Oldman without mentioning Sid & Nancy. What an awesome film based on the life & times of the Sex Pistols lead singer Sid Vicious.
Another Oldman great that doesnt get mentioned enough is Rosencrantz & Guilderstein are Dead. Him & Tim Roth together are a classic comic duo.
Has anyone seen Nil By Mouth its Oldman's directorial debut & its one of the most powerful films I have ever seen. Its meant to be semi-autobiographical which explains alot about the depths he can reach into for a charecter.
Just for the record Romeo Is Bleeding or The Proffesional are my 2 favourite Oldman roles to date.
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you're absoutley right...and i haven't seen Nil By Mouth yet...but exactly whats its about? i am looking into getting it soon?

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oh man, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead ... when he was so young and fresh and cute! Tim Roth too!! (another underground goodie).

it's true, he's done a couple of crappy movies but I figured those were to pay the bills and he did his job and didn't suck. (Air Force One and hell no was I ever gonna see Lost in Space).

haven't seen Nil by Mouth but have heard a lot about it. hope to see it eventually ...

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I love that movie. It has got to be one of the funniest movies ever made. Not many people have seen it because its an Indie flick though.

Four Rooms (6.5/10) has its great moments, I mean with Robert Rodriguez & Tarantino directing it had to hit the mark at times. Surprised you dont know alot of people who have seen it, most anyone into Tarantino that I know owns it.
Back to Oldman, Saw Hanibal the other day, was nice to see him being utilized properly in a big budget flick for once. Still he is capable of much more & Im sure in the future he will blow our minds with his acting prowess, if he hasnt already.