Post your favorite movie and I'll judge you as a person


The Shawshank Redemption, I say this ever.

This was my first "favorite" movie when I first started to realize film was a passion of mine. Very, very satisfying flick but doesn't quite hold up to multiple views. Still great though.

Given that your post is barely English, I'm gonna guess you're foreign... or maybe Southern? You're slightly naive, but overall a good guy. You're also a multi-million dollar recording artist named Paul Wall.

I **** with Sittin' Sideways, so we're cool.

Movie's hilarious. Suspect as a number one though.

You're overly cordial to mask certain Lecter-ish tendencies. Would still grab a beer with you.

Damn, you're pretty good!!! It's a good thing I didn't post Mary Poppins.

but let us recall also our Lord's admonition...
that we judge not,
lest we be judged

knew that quote would come in handy one day

Quills (Philip Kaufman, 2000)

Haven't seen it, but jesus christ I am so weirdly attracted to Kate Winslet.

You're impatient and humpbacked. Things go over your head, but nothing gets past you (get it?). You've claimed to have read Sartre (but you really haven't tho).


You're a nostalgist. You leave your christmas lights on year round. You're an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent figure and an all around a-okay guy. But you drag down property value so people think you're a dick.