no, not agent smith


I am a type 4 agent* with fleshy appendages.

I generally choose to watch movies containing lessons that are both valuable and woven into an intriguing story. An obvious example is the Star Wars hexalogy. It would eat up a lot of space to give all the examples so any further commentary would be superfluous.

Oh, and I am a math nerd as well as dilettante musician and avid music lover. I also am studying karate and tai chi to hopefully one day be able to teach it to others.


* Wiki Doxastic_logic
C.Y.A. at all times if time exists.

Thank you for the welcome.

Who's that in your avatar? Could it be Hunter Thompson?

I do like movies about warriors in whatever form that might mean. It's what I aspire to become.

Thanks for the welcome, Yoda.

Actually, looking at your favorites, they seem rougly grouped by theme: the first three are all about samurais. The next three are all about troubled geniuses (and Donnie Darko sort of is, though it's split by Baraka), and the last two are Nolan films.

I am a big fan of Nolan and Aronofsky.

Yes you saw the pattern ... I didn't know I would be limited to ten movies (which makes a lot of sense) so I wrote down what I'd put in my profile that I liked and I wrote down genres first.

In addition to movies about the warrior spirit and undying will, I also love surreal movies such as Mulholland Drive, the Cell, and Inception.

Or anything with an interesting plot twist....

Welcome to the forum; fleshy appendages n'all.

I'd like to see Stargate Universe have a movie-for-TV that would provide more closure after they pulled the plug after just two seasons.

Just mentioning that since you seem to be into sci fi.

I am a bit disappointed that Zahn's Heir to the Empire will not be the basis for SW episode 7....

Quick (3 seconds per thing or 15 seconds total)

Favorite Movies: Flash top FIVE
WARNING: "0" spoilers below

5. wizard of oz

4. following

3. the last temptation of Christ

2. The Exorcist

1. A beautiful Mind.

A system of cells interlinked
Hello and welcome!
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Welcome to the forum buddy.
Enjoy your stay here.

Welcome to the forums. You seem to have the right type of madness to fit right in here.
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