A new film directed by the cinematographer who has worked on nearly all the Christopher Nolan films, also this is produced by Nolan.

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Finished here. It's been fun.
Hmmm not quite sure what to think, although it is nice to get some original sci-fi.Here's hoping its good.

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Trailer actually did not get me excited for the film.
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Trailer actually did not get me excited for the film.
Same with me

The concept itself seems intriguing, I haven't watched past the first trailer because I feel as if this is the kind-of movie that abides heavily on the premise, and I don't want to take that away. I am going to see it for sure, simply because it's a Johnny Depp movie, and the fact that it's a science-fiction really helps.

Wow talk about a bomb. 100 Million dollar budget and only made 11 million on opening weekend. Crazy. I had it in one of my most anticipated movies of 2014 due to the fact the director was involved with Nolan for so long. I think Nolan produced it. Didn't think it would be a stinker. Getting crushed by critics too. I just had no desire to see it the closer it got. Weird. Didn't expect this.
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I enjoyed watching the Transcendence movie but I was not sure about the ending. The A.I. appeared to be almost too human in certain respects but I suspect that a real A.I. would never give up on its quest to keep growing and absorbing as many resources as it could to accomplish its objective.