The Good, The Bad, and The Overlooked


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Ok , this is an old idea that i scooped from a Music discussion site. Often in Movies, as in Music, an Artist is best known for a "popular" movie , and flicks that he made when either he wasn't a "star" or a plethora of other reasons, aren't appreciated as much as they maybe should be.

Lets face it, bad movies happen to good people. Even Hillary Swank had to roll snake eyes eventually.

For the purpose of this thread, we are dealing in your opinion, a flick doesnt have to have accolades up the yin yan or made a zillion dollars to be worth a watch.

The thread itself is a lil free-form, in that I will Start with an actor/actress, and list A good a bad and a overlooked imo. 1 selection per category plz, and then i will suggest an Actor/Actress for the next to comment on if they like, and also to make their good bad and overlooked choices.

Also, so the Search this thread feature can work properly. pls type choice in Text as well as the image(optional)

Nicholas Cage

The Good- Leaving las Vegas

The Bad-Next

The Overlooked

Red Rock West
Ed Harris
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One other thing, keep the selections to movies that you yourself have seen, if the Actor suggestion above isn't known to you, or you aren't versed in his/her body of work, Do one of your own choosing, and defer that one to the next Mofo.

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Jeremy Irons

The Good- Dead Ringers
The Bad- Dungeons and Dragons
The Overlooked- Waterland

James Cromwell

GOOD: L.A. Confidential (1997)
BAD: Species II (1998)
OVERLOOKED: Snow Falling On Cedars (1999)

Michael Keaton
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Michael Keaton[/quote]

The Good- Clean and Sober

The Bad-Jack Frost

The Overlooked- Gung Ho

Yes its silly at times, and goes for some easy laughs, but I enjoyed Ron Howards stab at presenting a real sign of the times issue taht balances the comedic with the tender moments.

Keaton's performance is remenicient of the Roles Bill Murray excelled at early in his career.


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OK, Pile on! I'm taking this thread to mean movies rather than performances.

The Good: The Color Purple (1985)
The Bad: Beloved (1998) - Yep, it's definitely worse than Gone Fishin'!
The Forgotten: To Sleep with Anger (1990)

Humphrey Bogart
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The Good: Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Bad: N/A?
The Overlooked: We're No Angels

Next: Sam Rockwell

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Sam Rockwell

the Good- Moon
The Bad- Charlies Angels
The Overlooked- Galaxy Quest

next: Val Kilmer

Marlon Brando

The Good: On the Waterfront

The Bad: Last Tango in Paris (Don't even start with me, this flick is tripe)

Overlooked: Don Juan DeMarco

Next: Johnny Depp
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Johnny Depp

the good- Blow
the bad- Charlie and the Chocolate factory
the overlooked-Nick of Time

Next: James Woods

Pierce Brosnan

The Good: He's had several movies that I really like, but, he's never been better than he was during Remington Steele. Loved that show.

The Bad: Mamma Mia! (Liked the movie, but he CAN NOT sing)

Overlooked: The Tailor of Panama

Next: Geoffrey Rush