Your Top 10 Favorite Actors


Here's mine:

10. Edward Norton

9. Dwayne Johnson

8. Hayden Christensen

7. Jason Statham

6. Ron Perlman

5. Daniel Radcliffe

4. Anthony Hopkins

3. Will Smith

2. John Malkovich

1. Jason Bateman

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Remember I said favorite, not best. (#3 isn't better thhan #7 for instance)

Hugh Laurie (Best Role: House M.D.)

Seriously, I mean he's friggin' House.

Ron Perlman (Best role: Hellboy)

Genius casting of a bad ass character. And to anyone that has seen the made for TV movie Despertion, this guy is scary *****.

Heath Ledger (Best role: The Dark Knight)

Yes, I'll admit it, wasn't a big fan even after he died. That all changed after seeing TDK, I mean he seriously owned the role.

Al Pacino (Best role: too many to count)

Any man that can make screaming an actual form of dialouge into everyone of his movies deserves a spot.

Robert DeNiro (Best role: even more than Pacino's to count)

Is there a more iconic actor around? Team him up with Scorcese and you've got a great movie. Yes, better than Pacino.

Harrison Ford (Best Role: Indiana Jones)

At the beginning of the year I had seen NONE of the Indiana Jones movies. But after a long discussion with John McClane and Yoda threatening to ban me, I watched all of them. I've seen all of them about 5 times.

4. Jimmy Stewart (Best Role: It's a Wonderful Life)

It's a Christmas tradition to watch IAWL at my house, great movie. It's why I'm sad I didn't put much thought into my top 100 films.

Seth Green (Best role: Robot Chicken)

I know I've lost a little respect with this one, but hear me out. Seth Green is just a Star Wars geek who made it big, now he has his own highly rated fan loved Tv show where he pretty much does any skit he wants. That's good to me.

Edward Norton (Best Role: American History X)

Has any new actor exploded on the scene and get like a bajillion awards in 5 years? Thought not.

Aaron Eckhart (Best role: The Dark Knight)

Seriously, I mean Heath owned the Dark Knight, but any man who can make the rom-com No Reservations enjoyable, plus everything I've seen with him in it deserves the top spot.
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Honorable Mention
Kevin Smith (Anything he's directed)

The only reason that he's not on the list is because I consider him a better writer than actor.

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10. Terry Crews

- So many good movies

9. Stallone

- Stallone is the *****

8. Neil Patrick Harris

- I only have seen him in the Harold and Kumar films - but fu%k he is funny!

7. Kevin James

- Just look at the guy and he makes you want to laugh.

6. Edward Norton

- American History X was the *****

5. The Rock

- A mix between Eddie Murphy and Swazernagger

4. Danny Trejo

- Not really well known but is up there with the best when it comes to acting skills

3. Tom Hanks

- Awesome actor who is in great films.

2. Morgan Freeman

- He is like the god of acting

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This guy is awesome. He has stared in so many awesome movies. He is the definition of action and he even saved a guys life once.

"A film is a putrified fountain of thought"

7. Kevin James

- Just look at the guy and he makes you want to laugh.

even saved a guys life once.
Omg, that just made my day! Oh, Kevin James is just such a BAMF on that segway.

"A film is a putrified fountain of thought"
10. John Belushi

9. Sean Connery

8. Leonardo Dicaprio

7. John Cusack

6. Steve Buscemi

5. Cary Grant

4. Bruce Willis

3. Edward Norton

2. Kevin Spacey

1. Brad Pitt

"A film is a putrified fountain of thought"
Brad Pitt was hilarious in Burn After Reading, I'll give you that.
I was actually really surprised that he ended up as my #1. He's just so popular that it's gotten to the point where I think a lot of people dissmiss his incredible acting because their sick of all the press he gets, ya know? But I started thinking and I have loved him in literally everything I've seen him in.
Thelma and Luise- couldn't have found a more perfect man for the part, True Romance- my favorite stoner, made me laugh out loud in every scene he was in, Interview with the Vampire, Se7en, Sleepers, Fight Club, Snatch, Ocean's 11, Babel, The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Burn After Reading, even his guest spot on "Friends" was one of my favorit episodes. The list just keeps going.

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Random order (as it's too hard for me to have them in a certain order):

Shia LaBeouf,
Denzel Washington,
Michael Biehn,
Viggo Mortensen,
Chevy Chase,
Will Smith,
Morgan Freeman,
Clive Owen,
David Carradine,
Elijah Wood.

Omg, that just made my day! Oh, Kevin James is just such a BAMF on that segway.
OMG put my uncle in a segway and i have kevin james.. add the mustache as well



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4. Danny Trejo

- Not really well known but is up there with the best when it comes to acting skills
you get big ups for this one - I'm not sure why I like him so much, but I'm def a fan as well.

EDIT: I take that back. He always did the really good terrifying bad guy, but when he showed up in Spy Kids movies and did the scary but crying uncle bit, it was cute, and I liked that he doesnt take himself so seriously that he cant poke fun at his own "bad boy" image. Also, I can never forget the "I'm a MexiCAN,"in Once Upon a Time In Mexico.
something witty goes here......

01. Marlon Brando

02. Leonardo DiCaprio

03. Al Pacino

04. Robert De Niro

05. Jack Nicholson

06. Sean Penn

07. David Thewlis

08. Michael Pitt

09. Dustin Hoffman

10. Montgomery Clift
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A madly pursuit it seems to be, really. Some actors are brilliantly talented and some movies are wonderfully built up. Still my own list will be a painfully limited one. I still love to watch a few of the films named in the list. Please look at the list:

1. Laurence Olivier
Othello of Stuart Burge

2. Richard Burton
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? of Mike Nichols

3. Charlie Chaplin
Limelight of Charlie Chaplin

4. Montgomery Clift
The Misfits of John Huston

5. Alec Guinness
The Bridge on the River Kwai of David Lean
6. Soumitra Chattopadhyay
Apur Samsar of Satyajit Ray
7. Mel Gibson
The Road Warrior of
George Miller

8. Charelton Heston
Ben-Hur of William Wyle

9. Paul Newman
The color of Money of Martin Scorese

10. Benoît Magimel
La Pianiste of Michael Haneke

10. Steve Buchemi
9. Marlon Brando
8. Jim Carrey
7. Humphrey Bogart
6. Robert De Niro
5. Clark Gable
4. Jack Nicholson
3. Gene Hackman
2. Vinnie Jones

and the number 1 is....

1. Nick Nolte

Nathan Fillion

Will Smith

Christian Bale

Tom Cruise

Brad Pitt

Jim Carrey

Nicholas Cage

Robert Downey Jr.

Clint Eastwood

Michael Caine
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