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I have not seen Once Upon a Time in the West but seen A Clockwork Orange. In all honesty, the movie was weird and silly but I didn't care for the film, I wouldn't even consider this movie a top 100 worthy, atleast not on my list
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That's just about my experience with Cuckoo's Nest too. I first seen it on TV in the mid 80s and thought Nurse Ratched was evil personified! A couple years ago I watched it for the second time, that's when I developed a whole new approach to the film and her character.

Now that you mention it, yes she was cute at the time of filming Cuckoo's Nest. Though they sure had her made up to look as uptight as possible.

On the DVD extras Louise Fletcher said that everyone on the set was having a great time being generally wild and spirited, but she felt she had to stay in character. So when the shooting was all done, she let loose and went topless on the set, which everyone cheered.
Of course today she might be charged with sexual harassment. Just different times
I quite agree about her being attractive and that's a very cool story about her on set. Totally see that - especially after the acceptance speech that wrinklemind posted, she was trying to keep a straight face when she took Jack away at 2:18. Loved that!
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Beautiful indeed, but back then it was always Jennifer for me.
Yes, Claudia Wells was so fine! I wish she had been in the next two films as much as I like Elisabeth Shue. Wells' mother was diagnosed cancer so she was unable to do the two following films, but she is still acting.

I liked A Clockwork Orange was an excellent movie and prime Kubrick. I've only seen it once a few years ago but need to revisit it.

Once Upon a Time in the West is a classic Western that I love. Great cast, Claudia Cardinale, great action, Claudia Cardinale, epic cinematography, Claudia Cardinale, grand score by Ennio Morricone, and of course, Claudia Cardinale! The scene at the train station at the beginning is one of my favorite set-pieces, with the great dialogue before the gunfight:
"Looks like we're shy one horse."
"You brought two too many." Brilliance!
Neither made my list. I have two Westerns on the list, and one has already showed, that being The Searchers and the other one most likely will not make it.

19. The Searchers #97
1. To Kill a Mockingbird #85
25. Die Hard #63
14. Rear Window #40
8. It's a Wonderful Life #38
2. Aliens #37
13. The Wizard of Oz #36
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A Clockwork Orange is in my top ten on my Mofo Profile page. It currently sits at #5. That list was made in...2005?

I will say this, it's no longer my favourite Kubrick film. As I've grown older I've viewed things differently and while this movie still rocked my socks, I can no longer say that it's in my top ten. I will be re-doing my own personal Top 100 this year and reassess what my list was 16 years ago. Still an amazing movie with an iconic lead performance in my mind.

Never seen Once upon A time, I hope to rectify that this year.
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Back to the Future is a movie I always love when I watch it but I rarely watch it and I don't know why. I have a review of it floating around here somewhere and basically what it says is Michael J. Fox is extremely likeable, Zemekis is an underrated director (all he does is make really good movies) and the movie is a just a lot of fun.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is my fav movie of all time so it makes sense that I had it on my list at no.1. I can't find any faults in it. The acting across the board is outstanding. Every character is interesting; I can't think of anybody in it that isn't 100% believable. By the time it ends you feel like you lived with these characters. It's a movie that can have you laughing one minute and then has you questioning whether you should have been laughing at all in the next. The last 15 minutes is one hell of a rollercoaster ride of emotions and the final shot of the movie, for whatever reason, hits me hard every time I see it and all it is is a guy running away.

A Clockwork Orange I used to like a lot more than I do now
. I think once you start getting used to the goofiness of it all (by goofiness I guess I mean its style) it loses a little something. That first time you see it though it's like nothing else.

Once Upon a Time in the West is my favorite western, was no.1 for me on the western countdown, only problem is westerns aren't one of my favorite genres. Its
, no doubt and probably would make my top fifty. I mentioned earlier a little something about Grace Kelly in Rear Window, well Claudia Cardinale ain't too far behind.

My List:
1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (#33)
5. The Exorcist (#47)
14. Amadeus (#50)
15. The Wizard of Oz (#36)
17. Rear Window (#40)
18. Gone With the Wind (#55)
19. Metropolis (#73)
20. Shindler's List (#41)
22. Sunset Boulevard (#53)
25. One Pointer - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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I first saw A Clockwork Orange many years ago, and I hated it. I watched it again a few years ago, (I think for the 1970s countdown), and my opinion has not changed.

I didn't watch Once Upon a Time in the West for the Western Countdown because I didn't like any of the spaghetti westerns that I had already watched, but I decided to watch it for this countdown because it placed so high on the Westerns Countdown. It was probably the best of the spaghetti westerns that I watched, but it still wasn't good enough to make my list.
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Once Upon a Time in the West took me two watches to truly appreciate it, but once I clicked with it, I loved it. A movie very very deserving of being here, of course. Didn't vote for it though.

I didn't vote for A Clockwork Orange, but I might as well have... It's a great f*cking movie. I could have overclouded my list with Kubrick, but I chose to limit myself a little, so this one didn't end up on my list.

Here's what I wrote about it though in this giant ass review/analysis of the movie...

A Clockwork Orange write-up:  

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Both great movies and both deserve a place on this list. OUATITW is tied with 3:10 to Yuma (original) for my favourite western but I didnt vote for it. A Clockwork Orange is uncompromisingly brilliant and was my gateway into Kubrick.
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I will guess The Matrix and The Breakfast Club.
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30. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back


Irvin Kershner, 1980


Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams

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29. Se7en


David Fincher, 1995


Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey

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Pretty much all of Se7en.

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Another couple of films that I have placed on both my top 100s but not actually voted for. Empire would still be my pick for favourite Star Wars (for whatever that's worth these days), but I definitely feel like I need to revisit Se7en to see how it holds up. I rewatched Fight Club for the first time in ages the other day and, while it's still good, I wouldn't put it in my own top 100 - I feel like a similar thing will happen if I ever get around to giving Se7en another go.
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I've seen both movies, I liked Empire Strikes Back, thought Se7en was a decent movie, I wouldn't consider it as a favorite though

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Matrix seemed like a given, you've fooled loads this time.

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Matrix seemed like a given, you've fooled loads this time.
A lot of people on this site think it is overrated. though, including myself.

Nice! One from my list and one that was close...

I had Empire Strikes Back at #26. Put it a couple of notches above the original, but they're mostly interchangeable for me in how much I love both. From the AT-AT battle in Hoth to the confrontation at the Cloud City, it's just great, not much else to say.

Seven was my #2, and has been my #2 of all-time for quite awhile. It just came at a moment when I was getting more seriously into cinema and it just floored me. I remember we had a movie night with a bunch of friends, someone rented it (I don't remember if it was me), but the thing is that this bunch of 10-15 people were all just glued to it. The last act remains as one of my favorite, and that ending? Ooof, one of the best I've seen. I've rewatched that film dozens of times and it never fails to impress me, so I'm happy it showed up here.
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My list: 9/25

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Both worthy movies. There's no doubting Ep V: The Empire Strikes Back is a very solid sequel to the original Star Wars. Rewatched Se7en not that long ago and it still stands up very well imo.

Seen: 62/72 (Own: 30/72)
My list:  

Faildictions (Eternal vsn 1.0):
28. Tsubaki Sanjûrô (1962)
27. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)