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Looper Review

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A Hollywood blockbuster about time travel starring one of the greatest actors in action films and that young actor that American cinema has recently taken as its darling. Looper is entertaining, effective, visually successful and narratively compelling. The story is interesting and well delivered. The time travel is not just an excuse, it is a driving force in the story. The film does not insist on unnecessary aspects, it quickly engages in the action and incorporates the information. Not everything in Looper is black and white, not all the good guys are good, not all the bad guys are bad. The direction is also well controlled, competent. It knows when it's time to make room for the characters and when it's time to show up. Even if the prosthesis that was put on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face to make him look more like Bruce Willis makes us wonder what's wrong with his face and once again, the actor delivers a flawless performance. Willis is also very convincing, as are Emily Blunt and young Pierce Gagnon, who impress with their hypnotic gaze. Looper achieves its goals. It can hardly be called original, but the film is a successful blockbuster.

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I might review the BBC series Trust Me at some point, because I feel like ranting about how that had the WORST ending to a television series ever.

I mean seriously, what the hell? Since when was committing fraud a good thing?

Pretty interesting and convoluted plot. I like that kind of thing. For when everything is monotonous and nothing happens it's not very interesting.