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Marvel's Disney's Chloe Zhao's Eternals


Chloť Zhao is fresh off winning Best Director and Best Picture for her incredible film Nomadland. Zhao is one of the most talented and now decorated directors in the industry, and her next movie, Eternals, is poised to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In his recent remarks about Eternals, Marvelís Kevin Feige makes the film sound gorgeous, and itís all thanks to Chloť Zhao.

Kevin Feige was asked about Chloť Zhao, and her ambitious work on Eternals following her recent Oscar wins. Pegged initially to direct Black Widow, Zhao would eventually be given the green light to make Eternals after an impressive and inspiring pitch. The vision of Zhao has impressed Feige and changed the way the film was approached as opposed to other MCU movies telling Variety:

Rumors are Disney is going to give this film a BP push. Zhao used practical locations and grabbed PT Anderson's editor. Ben Davis is the Cinematographer who did the underrated and gorgeous Doctor Strange.

Hopefully we'll get a trailer in the next month

Marvel's Disney's Chloe Zhao's Eternals
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I didn't think much of that, just thought 'meh'..

Hope I'm wrong.
Yeah, outside of the special effects, if the trailer is any indication it'll be pretty awful.

Wow you definitely know they took a leaf out of Jack Snyder's DC tree with the song choice, first we have Leonard Cohens Hallelujah and now it's Skeeter Davis End Of The World, these primordial songs stuck in every humans psyche attached to fluff, talk about polishing a turd.
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