71st Berlin International Film Festival


The trick is not minding
So film festivals are decent to keep track of for potential Oscar (as well as various other countries awards) and also for under the radar films one might miss. The most recent Berlin international Film Festival was held in March, but there are a few films worth keeping an eye on in case they make it stateside. Or which ever country you happen to reside in.
Award winners were the following:

Golden Bear: Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn by Radu Jude
Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize: Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy by Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Silver Bear Jury Prize: Mr. Bachmann and His Class by Maria Speth
Silver Bear for Best Director: Dénes Nagy for Natural Light
Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance: Maren Eggert for I'm Your Man
Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance: Lilla Kizlinger for Forest - I See You Everywhere
Silver Bear for Best Screenplay: Hong Sang-soo for Introduction
Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution: Yibrán Asuad for editing in ACop Movie


Best Film: We by Alice Diop
Special Jury Award: Taste by Lę Bảo
Best Director (ex-aequo):
Ramon Zürcher and Silvan Zürcher for The Girl and the Spider
Denis Côté for Social Hygiene
Special Mention: Rock Bottom Riser by Fern Silva
Other titles that caught my eye:

Tides: a German-Swiss sci-fi thriller
The Scary of Sixty-First: an American horror thriller film
Censor: a British horror film
Night Raiders: an Canadian-New Zealand Sci-Fi apocalyptic film

I’m sure there are others but those jumped out.

Lot of catching up to do.

Is this possible to attend not online but in real life?